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Wonder Woman

Sensation Comics #11 (1942) cover by H. G. Peter Tom Simpson via Compfight

What feminine character has all the strength of Superman plus all the attraction of a good and beautiful woman? If you guessed Wonder Woman, you are right. Wonder Woman was one of the first superheroes to be a female. She was loyal, caring and a good hero of Earth.The Amazons taught her the skills of a warrior as well as the lessons of love and peace. Princess Diana, better known as Wonder Woman, was a new kind of superhero, who would win not with fist or firepower, but with love. In this report, I will introduce you to Wonder Woman, tell you about her mission, her powers and how she got created. Listen close or she, Wonder Woman, will get you!

Wonder Woman was created in December 1941 by William Moulton-Marston. She is Princess Diana of Themyscira, Wonder Woman, Princess of Amazons. She is one of the Earth’s most powerful defenders of peace and equality and a member of the Justice League. Wonder Woman became a frontrunner for the suffragettes who fought for the rights of women in the early 20th century.

Sculpted from clay by her mother, Queen Hippolyta and given life by Athena. It is told, that her father is Zeus. Named Princess Diana of Themyscira, Diana was raised by her mother and aunts on Themyscira, an island of Amazonian women. The Amazonian women taught her all her skills that combined with her superhuman powers that were gifted to her by the Greek Gods.

Wonder Woman had superhuman powers and more. Wonder Woman’s powers are strength, speed, durability and longevity. The Amazonian training helped her in skills of strategy, hunting, and combat. You may know what strength and speed mean, but do you know what durability and longevity mean? It means to last long or live long. Wonder Woman could live a very long time. Wonder Woman had flight too! Flight means the ability to fly at fast speeds. She was skilled in hand to hand combat and could handle weapons. Wonder Woman had a Lasso of Truth. It possessed strength and was unbreakable most of the time. When truth is challenged it can break. Wonder Woman had indestructible bracelets.The bracelets could absorb the impact of incoming danger. She had a sword and shield to protect her in combat.

Wonder Woman’s mission was to go to man’s world on a mission of diplomacy and peace to make things right. Princess Diana, Wonder Woman, acted as a strong moral guide and role model for females. Wonder Woman was an activist for justice. She became a founding member of the original Justice League of America. She saved people.

What did you learn about Wonder Woman you didn’t know? We’ve learned a lot more than you think. We learned when and how she was created. When the creator was thinking about the story, his wife said to him “fine, but make her a woman”. We learned about her superhuman powers and her mission.We found out about all her special weapons she used while fighting for the good. What amazes me about Wonder Woman is that she had longevity. A fun fact to know is that this June 2017, a new Wonder Woman is going to be in the movie theaters. I can’t wait, can you?

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Endangered Elephants!

Asian Elephant - Luke
Elephants are endangered because poachers kill them for their ivory tusks.

AmberBrooke. via Compfight

Did you know that about 100,000 African elephants are killed in just 3 years by ivory-seeking poachers? If the poachers keep hunting and killing the elephants just for their ivory tusks, the number will go down and the African elephants will be endangered of becoming extinct.

The reason the poachers are killing the elephants for their ivory is to make it into jewelry, ornaments, statues, and chopsticks. Ivory is seen as a symbol of wealth in countries in Asia.  The most demand for the ivory is in China and Asia countries.  The U.S also buy ivory from outside the country.

Many countries have laws against poaching and ivory trade.  But why don’t the poachers follow the law?  The poachers don’t follow the law because it is a weak law and the poachers always find a way to get out of it and there are a lot of corruption in most of these countries. Another reason people still want to buy ivory is because they are willing to spend a lot of money.

We can help save the elephants by spreading the words or to take action to stop the illegal ivory trade. We should stop buying ivory and new ivory is strictly banned. We can make a stronger law to protect the African elephants in the wild.  We can also help by donating to world wildlife foundation or any other wildlife protection.

Elephants must be saved!

Arno Meintjes via Compfight

Ivory might be beautiful and valuable to all of us but it comes from dead elephants we would all rather have African elephants instead of ivory chopsticks or jewelry. We should stop the poachers from killing the elephants so we can make them go back into the millions like they used to be.




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The Giant Dipper at Belmont Park!

The Giant Dipper was built in 1925 and still runs today.

Have you ever been to Belmont Park? Well if you haven’t I’m about to tell you about the most dangerous ride there. It’s called the Giant Dipper. The Giant Dipper, also known as the Mission Beach Roller Coaster, is a historical wooden Roller Coaster located in Belmont Park, a small amusement park in mission beach, in San Diego, California.

The Giant Dipper was built in 1925 and opened on July 3rd, 1925. It took 47 days to build it with the cost of $50,000!!!! I think the Giant Dipper is a really fun ride I just wish it wasn’t made out of wood because it is safer and could be more stable.      

Well, I’ve experienced this moment one time in my life when I was going to Belmont park with my friend. I nearly died when I went on this ride because the seat belts were not tight enough. I almost fell out of the seat of this ride. This is why I think the Giant Dipper is not safe. A scary/fun fact about Belmont park is that it is one of the top 10 most dangerous roller Coasters ever!!!

Well if you are going to Belmont Park you better be careful and make sure you hold on tight to your seat and have a tight seat belt. Imagine all the bad things that can happen to you if you don’t hold on tight and be safe. Well, that is why I never go on the Ride The Giant Dipper.

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Let’s Save Elephants

SLarge bull elephanto you’re at zoo and you’ve just finished looking at the fearsome polar bears, you proceed past the baboons, the porcupines, and lions, and you stop where the elephants always are with their pride in their trunks and ears flopping super cute in the air. But guess what? There not there.

Imagine that. Here’s some 🔣 math about elephants. If every 11 hours 50 elephants get poached then about how many will be left in the next 2 years or 730 days? 73,000. If there are about 100,000 then in 2 yrs it’d be 27,000 and in the next three… none!

If an elephant had no tusks would you really call that an elephant?  Think you would call an elephant this, “The largest land animal in the world, with big tusks and floppy ears.” But if you take away the tusk part of it here’s all that is left.” The largest animal in the world with floppy ears.” That’s basically just describing a really big dog. Plus that’s pretty boring. Would you like to see a really, really big dog instead of the elephant that’s been around for generations? We should protect animals.

Did you know that even elephants go through the awkward age? Well only Male ones, and it’s a bit different. When the male reaches a certain age they leave their family and go live alone or with others. Another fun fact about the life stages and ages of elephants is that when one is fully grown the elephant usually only familiar groups while it’s looking for a mate.It also is more aggressive to more animals which increase its power and success.


Let’s talk about the necessities of the elephant and all of it’s regular and well-known facts.

Its family is the Elephantine. In Spanish elephant means elephants and African elephants spread their ears out as a threat or (rarely) if they’re rarely interested n something. 

Creative Commons License flowcomm via Compfight Elephant scurry free!

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The Last Show at SeaWorld

Killer Whales Jumping 09
The Shamu Show at Seaworld. Amaury Laporte via Compfight

You are sitting in the splash zone waiting to get wet, he is over there not too far away. He finally comes over and… SPLASH! In an instant you’re soaked! Watching the Shamu show at SeaWorld is always really exciting! There are only 3 SeaWorlds in America, and San Diego is one of them. What if i told you that the show at SeaWorld San Diego is coming to an end? Sadly it’s true, the last show was on a Sunday in April 2017.

7 years ago there was an incident where killer whale, Tilikum killed trainer, Dawn Brancheau. Since then there has been less comfort and more worry. The whale Tilikum died very soon before the show ended and it shouldn’t be her fault the trainer died. It was mainly under the stress the whale has been through and being forced to perform.The whales are killer and that’s probably how it got its name. No animal can ever kill these underwater mammals. The animals get stressed out and put under pressure from not being able to do their thing and roam with no worries.

There is no need to worry about shamus completely vanishing from SeaWorld, because they will still be in the exhibits and the only thing ending is the show. There will still likely be a Shamu Store. There will still be a place where you can get Shamu souvenirs and take them home. It wouldn’t make sense to get rid of everything Shamu related since SeaWorld is mostly known for Shamus. It just wouldn’t be right!  

The main reason this show is ending is because of the incident and the stress over the Shamus. I think we all learned that we should let animals do what they want to do, especially when the word “killer” is a part of their name. Another reason is also that the show was teaching children all animals were friendly when they really aren’t.

I think all of us are sad about the show ending but it was for the best. If it didn’t end quickly enough more trainers could have been killed or Shamus could have gotten an illness from all the pressure and stress they are put under every day from training too hard and performing too hard.  I’m upset too but we should all learn to accept it. You could still catch the dolphin show, but sadly, it will end soon too.


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Child Labor

Selling popcorn, children's lives in Bangladesh jankie via Compfight

Can you imagine a kid that is only 6 years old and that is forced to do work like mining gold in a deep cave?  Some kids are unlucky and are forced to do child labor. Child labor means that children have to be put to work in order to help support their families.

There are many different jobs that children do.  The majority of them are harvesting crops like tobacco, cotton, bananas, sugar cane and much more.  One of the most difficult and dangerous jobs is mining gold. Almost all of these jobs are very dangerous and many times result in accidents and even death.  For an example mining gold is super dangerous because kids can die from explosions or even from the air. Also, tobacco can poison them or be cutting sugar cane with a machete can hurt someone seriously.

There are different regions of the world where child labor exists. The jobs children do depend on the local economy. For example, Peru has gold so many kids work in gold mines.  In Mexico, they have a lot of farms so children will often work in fields. Many times in large cities children work in large, dirty and unsafe factories.

There is a big population of child labor. The total number of estimated participating in child labor is 148 million, 100 million of them are boys and 48 million of them are girls. The region that has the most child workers is South America. The two countries in South America with the most child workers are Peru and Brazil. The second largest is Mexico followed by Africa, India and last but not least the Philippines.

Most people agree that “Child labor can be dangerous and harmful.” Also, it keeps kids away from school because kids are working during the years they should be learning in school.  As they become adults they are left with no education.  This makes being successful in life much harder and many times leaves little hope of escaping poverty.   Child labor is still happening right now.  People are fighting to stop child labor because it is dangerous and affects their chance of success in life.



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Supersonic Transit System

Not long ago, billionaire Elon Musk had a vision of the future. He dreamed of a supersonic transit system. Soon after, he released a 57-page document on a concept called Hyperloop. Hyperloop is a huge supersonic transit system that travels in between cities filled with traffic. The sponsor of Tesla motors and SpaceX dreamed of a friction-less, low-pressure, vacuum-sealed pod. Powered with energy from solar panels, it should be able to withstand major natural disasters. Elon believed this pod would shorten travel times drastically. For example, the distance from San Francisco to Los Angeles takes 6 hours. This pod could get there in 35 minutes.

Continue reading “Supersonic Transit System”

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Should There Be An Extra Tax On Sodas?

Mountain Dew Mango Heat Game FuelHow many Americans drink soda each year? 48% and that’s almost half of  the people in the United States but some laws might take soda away from some people. I’m here to make sure this doesn’t happen.  You’re probably thinking why I said that the  law might take soda away from certain people. This is because  the state thinks that soda is bad for you in some ways and are putting extra tax on it. Some people might just say “ Well, I don’t want to spend extra money on a puny can of soda.” But I think this is wrong. Soda can keep you away from falling asleep from late nights driving. If you have an addiction to alcohol, you can drink soda instead. It’s a healthier choice. This helps with almost any addiction. If you’re bored you can get soda and collect the bottle caps. These are just some of the reasons I think soda shouldn’t be banned. Soda helps us in many ways, so go out there and drink some!

Brent Moore via Compfight

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Redskins’ Name Bad or Good?

Robert Griffin III (RG3) Brook Ward via Compfightby  Jeremy

The Washington Redskins should change their name and logo because it’s very offensive to the American Indians. However some people think they should keep their name because they’ve had the name since the beginning of time. Three reasons why the redskins should change their name are people dress inappropriately, they hold weapons, and the mascot looks like a cartoon character.

The first reason is people dress up and wear war paint and hold tomahawks making natives seem violent. It also makes them seem like they are bad people when they’re really not. Natives only use weapons when they’re hunting or stuff like that.

The second reason is it is offensive and racist. It is offensive because not all natives wear headdresses but all fans wear them and when natives wear headdresses they wear them showing honor. When fans wear them they just wear them for fun.

The third reason is the native mascot looks like a cartoon. This is pretty offensive because natives are nothing like a cartoon. The logo has a huge head and the logo in 1951 looks nothing like a Native American. Also, if a native saw the team’s flag with the logo he or she would probably be really offended.

I think the Redskins should change their name because it’s rude to any native American because no one would call a native a redskin right in their face. However some people think they should keep the name because a lot of people just say there’s nothing wrong with the name but I don’t think that’s true because a native shouldn’t ever be called a redskin.

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Should Homework be Banned?

Creative Commons License Brian Metcalfe via Compfight

By Makani

"I like a teacher who gives you something to take home to think about besides homework." - Author Unknown

Did you have a day where you had too much homework, you finished one pile, and you still had more piles left? Well did you know that all that hard work and stress is for nothing! Homework should be banned, kids across the U.S. get too much homework and banning homework is a good idea. Homework is not necessary, because it’s too stressful, not needed, and it takes to long to do.


There’s no need to do the same thing you did in class. It doesn’t help you learn, doing the same thing is not interesting for the student.

Homework is too stressful for the student. It’s not just the student but also the adult! For example, what if your mom planned a really cool place that you want to go to, but you have six more packets, then you get stressed and refused to do it and two more minutes your mom get stressed and she cancels it.   

It takes too long to get homework done. It takes so long to finish and you can’t do fun stuff or family time. or maybe you want to go to a friends house but it takes to long and they cancel it. Most people like homework  but  at least limit the amount you have. Homework should be banned!

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School Uniforms Good or Bad?

by Keeley

Boro Park - Holy Spirit ES G2 1989-907
School uniforms can look super cute!

Do you want to wear uniforms or have you? Do you like uniforms? What is a uniform? An uniform is an outfit worn by people that are members of an organization that all look the same. And I’m sure after you read this you’ll want uniform. Students are focusing more and more on clothes so there should be school uniforms at every school. This is why we should have them one kids won’t get judged for their clothes, two school will be efficient, last they cost less money. So here’s why we should have uniforms.

School uniforms are great because they are stopping kids from judging more and more kids. Kids in school will not be judge for how they look. You can’t say something bad to someone on how their clothes look if there wearing the same dress as you. They will equal to one another by having the clothes, books, and more. They can work out their differences without clothes, doing it a recess and in speech. No one can put you down by saying you’re clothes are ugly and make you feel bad about yourself. No one wants that.

School uniforms make school look more efficient. Schools with uniforms the students and the school will get better grades. If the principal is getting interview the interviewer might look at the school grade and if grades are good, he might say this is a great school to go to. Then more and more student will go to that school. Which then will make the school more and more popular. And then it would be one of the best school to go to and I know that feeling.

School uniforms cost less money. Parents don’t have to spend money on school clothes they can just by the uniform, which might be cheap! Most of the time uniforms are not that much when you by them at school. It helps you if you don’t have that much money. You could save up to go on a trip, or to buy a small house! We all need sometimes to save money.

Some people disagree that uniforms are a bad idea. They think kids should be free to wear their own clothes because it’s an expression of themselves.   So now you learned all the advantage uniform have like how uniform, stop kids from judging, make schools look more efficient, and save money I hope you learned somethings about uniforms.

Anthony Catalano via Compfight

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Water is Important

Other, Other, Other!! Cesar Cabrera via Compfight

by Sarah

There are beginning to be droughts in many different places so we need to do as much as we can to conserve water. Once we don’t have anymore water and when it is gone it isn’t coming back. We cannot survive without water. What would you do if you didn’t have anymore water? We need to save water because it is limited, it is crucial to our survival, and not only people need water but plants and animals do to.

Since water is limited so we need to save as much of it as we can. If you turn off the water while you brush your teeth you can save up to 4 gallons of water. An average bath uses 37.5 gallons of water. An average shower uses 57.4 gallons of water. An average shower head per uses 7 gallons of water per minute. The normal flush uses 5 gallons of water each time.Not only humans need water to survive but plants and animals do too. Trees, grass, flowers, and many more plants need water.  So we need to save water.

Water is crucial to our survival. Without fresh water people can die in just a few days. We can only survive for 3 days without water, and drinking water also prevents headaches. Trees, grass, flowers, and many more plants need water. All kinds of animals need water, especially fish, whales, and many more animals need lots and lots of water to stay alive just like we do.

In conclusion we are having droughts in lots and lots of places so therefore we need to do everything that we can to save water. Humans, plants, and animals need a lot of water to stay alive. I think that some people believe that right now it is not that important to save water but I do. People think that it is not important to save water because they feel it is something that the government will take care of, or they think it should not concern them yet.



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Drones Safe or Not?

VinceFL via Compfight 

by Rami

Here is a drone.

The definition of the word drone is an unmanned aircraft or ship that can navigate by   itself beyond the line of sight. Does that really sound very safe? Drones can be fun but they are also dangerous so we need to control their use. Drones were built for fun not safety! They are dangerous, they can cause dangerous problems, and the government doesn’t have a way to keep track of all the drones.

One reason we should ban drones is that drones are actually very dangerous. If a drone hits you it could send you to the hospital, or even kill you! There have been many drone caused accidents and here are a couple. Once a man was killed in Brooklyn when a drone hit him. another time a toddler was hit with wreckage when a man crashed his drone. Once a drone even crashed on the lawn of the white house.

The next reason that we should ban drones is that drones can cause lots of dangerous problems. If a drone hits a electricity line it could cause blackouts. Some drones also get in a plane’s path and could get hit. This is both a waste of a perfectly good drone and a hazard for the plane and passengers.

The last reason is that the government can’t keep track of who has a drone and who doesn’t. If someone flies their drone over private property their drone could get shot down and the owner could even get sued. An example of this was that once a man shot down a $18,000 drone that was flying over his property with a shotgun.

Even though drones are not very safe they are lots of fun. They can also be useful, police officers can use drones for surveillance or to spy on somebody. And just think about it wouldn’t it be cool to use the camera to fly around and just look. This was what other people thought until drones started causing trouble. As long as people fly drones they will always be a problem.  


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Redskins No More

by Garret

burgundy and gold Bill Dickinson via Compfight

The Washington Redskins should change their name and logo because it is offensive to Native Americans. Hundreds of sports teams have racist team names, so they need to change their name. The mascot does not look like a real Native American. Fans bring weapons called tomahawks to the game,this makes them seem violent  Whereas some people think they shouldn’t change because that is their original name.

The first reason why I state teams need to change their names is that many mascots and fans do not dress like real Native Americans. Wearing a headdress is considered an honor among tribes. This makes it offensive to some tribes that dress that way. Fans dress up like a specific tribe suggesting that Native Americans are just one big tribe with the same clothings and customs.

The mascots wear face paint and carry indian weapons called tomahawks. Native Americans point out that this makes them seem violent and bloody. The mascot looks like a cartoon,the 1951 logo looks nothing like a real Native American.

Few people would ever call a Native American a redskin to his or her face because they know it is an offensive word. This makes it racist and offensive. We have already gone over this, why do we have to go over it again. Racism is wrong.

The Redskins should change their name because it is racist and offensive, no one would call someone a redskin to his or her face and the logo looks nothing like a real Native American. Some people think different and don’t agree that the redskins logo is racist and offensive. They think that because that was their logo since they were originated they should not change it. Hundreds of sports teams have racist team names and they need to change it because it is racist and offensive. One of them is the Washington Redskins.


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Kind Coins for Kenya

Did you ever want to help other people weren’t as fortunate as you? Well this is your chance. Now the great kindness challenge has started a fundraiser called Kind Coins for Kenya. Their goal is to collect enough money to build a new school in Kenya, Africa. To find out more watch the video or go to www.TheGreatKindnessChallenge.Org.

In the video it shows a girl named Magi. She lives in a small village in an even smaller home. She lives with two brothers her parents and another girl named Lucy who is an orphan. She wakes up very early to go to school but the school she goes to is small and they don’t have very good materials. Some kids in Kenya even walk for hours just to get to school. Magi and her family are lucky to have food but many people don’t. Even though Magi doesn’t have all the stuff that you probably have and she doesn’t have all the opportunities that you have she is grateful for what she has and she has fun. Magi wants to do well in school so she can be a nurse when she grows up. We should try and give her a chance to do that. She is only one of the many people that could benefit from this program.

It isn’t that hard. I know many people who have lots of loose change. If you thought about it I bet you could think of lots of people too. Whenever your parents go to the store and get extra change all you need to do is tell them about this program and ask for the change. I’ll even bet that some people will even be willing to give you double or even triple that amount if you tell them it will be going to be used to help other people that aren’t as fortunate. This is an easy thing to do and all you need to do is try. So get going and collect some change.



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Trick or Treat! It’s Halloween

Halloween Vintage 05.JPG
Halloween Vintage 05“. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

I bet when you start thinking about Halloween you think CANDY or what should I be should I be a superhero. That is all okay but what is really behind that? That is why I am here today and ready to teach you what it is really all about.

First of all Halloween is short for hallows eve so Halloween is a synonym to hallows eve.  Anoka Minnesota people were the first people to celebrate Halloween. Around 2,000 years ago the Celtics had new years on November 1. They thought that the day before Halloween (October 31 which is when Halloween always takes place) was a when the living and the dead could meet again. This was also a special holiday to honor saints and all the other people who died that are in their religion. People believed that the dead might cause problems or hurt them. That is when they decided to dress up in ghost costumes and try to scare the dead that they thought would haunt them. They thought that if they thought they were dead they would not harm them. This was all in Europe. Wait how did Halloween get to America then? Halloween got to America because of migrating Europeans. Halloween changed a little. Since pumpkins are common at this time of year they carved them and used them as lanterns which people call jack-o-lanterns. Now children dress up and instead of scaring spirits they go door to door and ask for a yummy treat if they have no treats they might be in for a little trick. Now it is a saying.(trick-or-treat) So now you know what Halloween is really about. Next time in class on a Halloween party or if you are with friends tell them about Halloween. There is a lot of cool facts about Halloween. This is just something to think about when you say, “Trick or Treat”.

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Harlequin Bugs

Harlequin bug
Nymph harlequin bug

When we went to Rose Canyon our nice tour guides showed us the Harlequin bug. These bugs are very fascinating and smart at the same time. The Harlequin bug is part of the Pentatomidae species but the scientific name for the Harlequin bug is Mugantia Pentatomidae. They are very annoying around veggies such as radishes ,broccoli , and an oriental flower called the Cleome. The harlequin bug is actually a beetle because every beetle a a line down their back that kinda makes the shape of a triangle. A Harlequin bug’s way of defense is falling down. That way predators won’t get to touch it, grab it ,or eat it. Baby Harlequin  bugs can be as small as two centimeters but the biggest  Harlequin bug that we saw was about half an inch. Some people in our class went there last year and they saw 2 harlequins bugs mating together to produce offspring. I really saw that the development of the Harlequin bugs have increased with more nymphs and adults since last year. Harlequin bugs are NOT poisoness  the are NOT harmful either so if you see one don’t worry. Harlequin bugs are fascinating bugs to learn about and to observe in real life .

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U.S. Government Shuts Down!

Courtesy of SuperBonnie / Reddit
Courtesy of SuperBonnie / Reddit

Have you been watching the news for the past few weeks? Well if you have you may of heard of the possibility of the Government ‘’shutting down.’’  Well it happened, and it’s affecting kids too.  On October 1st at 12:01 a.m., the government shut down. It’s day twelve of the government shutdown and it looks like it’s still going on. Politicians are fighting over a new government national health plan nicknamed Obama Care. Some politicians think it’s going to cost too much money and the government can’t afford it.

I think this is very idiotic that the government has shut down. When I first heard of the government shut down, I thought it was only important for the parents or grown ups to know about.

The government is closing schools, museums, and the very popular Miramar Air Show (in San Diego, California, USA). Can you believe that! The Miramar Air show is a very popular airshow. About 100,000 to 150,000 people attend the show each year. People from all around the United States come just to see this amazing show. And they are closing it because of the government shutdown.

Well, this shutdown isn’t just affecting parents this is effecting kids too. Day cares such as Head Start which is used by many single moms are closing, preschools, some elementary schools, and some middle schools are closing.

Some people are losing their jobs to take care of their children and others are being fired because they can’t come to work.  Food stamps from the government are not coming and children and parents are waiting and getting hungry.

The two parties are still fighting and the shutdown is still going on. How do you think this is going to end? Do you think the government of the United States of America is ever going to turn back on? What do you think is going to happen to America, put your answer in a comment below.

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