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April the Giraffe

April and her baby.
April, the giraffe, and her new baby.

On February 22, 2017, Animal Adventure Park in New York, put up a live feed of a giraffe who was expected to give birth at any time.  The giraffe was known to the World as April the Giraffe.  The World quickly became obsessed with watching and watching and watching the feed and waiting and waiting and waiting for the arrival of the baby giraffe. 

With over one million eyes watching, April’s baby boy was born on April 15, 2017,  He was 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighed 129 pounds.  April gave birth while standing up which is normal and when the calf falls to the ground the umbilical cord severs.  About 45 minutes after the calf was born he stood up on wobbly legs with his mom’s help.  The zoo is currently having a contest to name the calf. 

As I said earlier the world became obsessed with April the Giraffe.  As a matter of fact a group of second and third-grade students wrote a book to document the internet sensation April had become.  The book is being sold here on Amazon.  Being able to watch April have her calf was amazing and really cool to see. You also watch the giraffes live here.

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Should There Be An Extra Tax On Sodas?

Mountain Dew Mango Heat Game FuelHow many Americans drink soda each year? 48% and that’s almost half of  the people in the United States but some laws might take soda away from some people. I’m here to make sure this doesn’t happen.  You’re probably thinking why I said that the  law might take soda away from certain people. This is because  the state thinks that soda is bad for you in some ways and are putting extra tax on it. Some people might just say “ Well, I don’t want to spend extra money on a puny can of soda.” But I think this is wrong. Soda can keep you away from falling asleep from late nights driving. If you have an addiction to alcohol, you can drink soda instead. It’s a healthier choice. This helps with almost any addiction. If you’re bored you can get soda and collect the bottle caps. These are just some of the reasons I think soda shouldn’t be banned. Soda helps us in many ways, so go out there and drink some!

Brent Moore via Compfight

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Vote For Tackle Football!

Kids-56952 1280.jpgHow many kids in the USA play tackle football? 1,088,158 and that’s a lot, but now people are going to take that away. Do you think tackle football for youths should be banned? A lot of people think this but I wrote this essay to convince people that tackle football is safe to play.

Imagine it, the fourth quarter, you’re down by seven and there’s five seconds left. You’re the wide receiver for your team and the ball goes to you! The opposing team comes to tackle you and you’re scared out of your mind! You’re running like crazy and then you hear the crowd chanting touchdown! Touchdown! It’s the greatest moment of your life! Youth football haters, do you want to take this moment away from kids? If you’re still not convinced here are some reasons that tackle football is safe.

Just to be safe, youth leagues like Pop Warner are taking it to the next level. My first reason is Pop warner will ban kickoffs because prevent major injuries. This will satisfy a lot of youth tackle football haters. The youth league coaches are teaching their players how to tackle properly so it makes less injuries. Now tackles will be a lot safer.“Youth football is safer now than it’s ever been” says Jon Butler, the head coach of Pop Warner.  

Also,kids are getting the proper gear to play tackle football so the hits don’t hurt as much. In order to play,They are required to wear the following: Helmet, chest plate,and backplate. The helmet provides head protection so you won’t get a concussion or brain injury if you get injured. The chest plate prevents you from breaking your ribs or collar bone. The back plate prevents you from breaking your spine a.k.a backbone.

The opposing side does not favor tackle football. They want to take those awesome fumbles and tackles away. Worst of all, they want to replace this sport with the dreaded flag football. I think that flag football is basically a spin off of the sport Rugby and that spin offs aren’t very good. This is why I chose tackle over flag.

I think tackle football for youths should be allowed and I think you should to. If you follow these rules about tackle football, next time you play I assure you that you will be a whole lot safer., CC0, Link

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Compassion It! The power to change our world

compassion itBy Maya

Compassion it is a very important social movement. Compassion is a organization where they want everyone to be compassionate to one another. Compassionate is now a verb. So what that means is that now compassioning it is one of our actions.

Recently Sara Schairer came to Curie Elementary and talked to two our 4th grade classes. One of them was mine. We learned what being compassionate is, when and how it all started, where did this all happened, who started it and finally why it started.

When did this all start? This started in 2008. Sara Schairer  made a thought and wanted it to happen right away. The business has now been successful for 8 whole years. Close to a decade.

How it all got started? Well, in 2008 Sara’s perfect life went all upside down. It was pretty hard to take care of an 18 month yr old being a single mom. She divorced but the husband divorced her so she needed a new point in life. A new path. She was watching TV and found the Ellen show. (Yes. The Ellen  show technically gave her the idea.) She was watching and saw Wayne dyer was on the show. He was talking about how teaching your kids compassion is way more important than anything. Sure math  and ELA is important too but being compassionate is way more important. Sara kept constantly thinking about and turned compassionate to compassion it. They sound the same but now compassion it was a verb, well known as an action. By help of her best friends compassion it became a social movement.

Now where is this movement happening? All over the world. Sara has been to Africa and one video from the United Kingdom made a ton of new people on with it. “Compassion it” is with 6 different continents. Antarctica has not been with compassion it. Penguins just aren’t with the program these days.

Who started this? Of course  it’s the one and only Sara Schairer. Sara is a very bright girl that started a huge social movement. Sara even sells buy able products. 

How have you been compassionate? Have been commissioning it? Please comment below.

Paul L via Compfight

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Fat Food not Fast Food

by Jaidyn

A lot of people eat fast food but fast food isn’t such a good deal. It is very bad so people should eat less of it. First, it is very fattening and if you eat it too much you can get really fat. Also, it has bad stuff in it that sometimes makes you sick and I bet you do not want to be sick…I don’t. Last but not least, it is very cheap and but cheap stuff mostly has bad stuff in it. Parents like that some food is cheap but, it is still bad for you. Did you know that if you eat too much of the bad stuff that is in Fast Food you can get cancer.

  A lot of fast food taste good but that is because there is so many bad things in it like salt and sugar and other bad stuff. If you live in San Diego then you should be lucky because there is not as much fast food than other places in the world like Mexico.

Do you know how much calories are in a Big Mac at McDonald? There are 540 calories! That’s a lot of calories in just one meal.

Fast Food is cheap and most of the time cheap food is bad for you, but some people don’t have a lot of money so they eat fast food a lot of fast food. I sometimes have fast food because my parents don’t get their check for work till Friday and Wednesday. Next time you eat fast food maybe you’ll think about whether it’s really a good deal or not.


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Board Games Give You Intellect and Manners!

197/365: Eldritch Horror Guido Gloor Modjib via Compfight

by Mattias

Lots of kids like to play board games like Monopoly, Sorry, Ticket To Ride, Catan, and Clue. Board games can do great things to your brain. Board games can help your thinking, intelligence, and strategy. Read this essay for us to play more board games.

If you ever have trouble in school, board games can improve that. The board game Clue was actually used by a teacher and his kids played it in class for logic and guessing. Other board games also help with critical thinking logic. It helps math if it has anything to do with numbers. Games like Scrabble and other word games help you with word study and other word activities.

Board games help you with manners too! Board games where you have to work together to get your goal helps you have manners to stay confident with others. “Games that are competitive help you not get angry if you don’t get something you want,” says Prezi. “You can play a board game to calm you down if you have a lot of energy.”

Last but not least, they help you with daily things, like understanding things. They help you plan ahead If something doesn’t go too smooth for you.  You might not get what you want.Games like Catan and Ticket to Ride help you with strategy, so you can figure out confusing things faster and better.
Now, with all these details about how the board games give you manners and make you smart, I hope you agree with me of how these games actually make you smarter and more civilized. You get calmer, more smarter, and be able to solve problems better and quicker than you did before. I know some people will say that they are very boring, so you should not play them. I think that is a bunch of bologna, but some people might disagree with me. They’re great, So it’s a real benefit if you play board games.

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Don’t Overuse Your Electronics

by Leilani

[22/365]: Lost in technologyCreative Commons License Devin Stein via Compfight

SO many people aren’t being very social because they spend all their time on tablets or phones, and don’t look up and never will talk to anyone. I think it’s unhealthy and bad because it can cause a large decrease in your social life.  If you don’t want to be taken over by the grip of addicting electronics, you should read this article to not be able to stop playing electronics.

Also, did you know that your brain can be split into two if  you don’t stop playing electronics. Your brain can also be TAKEN AWAY BY ALIENS AND BE PUT INTO A JAR! Just kidding. But if you’d really like to put your brain in a jar, you can, although it would hurt.

And did you know that if you stop playing on electronics, you and your life will be a lot less stressful. It’s true, you can become a lot less stressful because a lot of the games on phones, tablets, computers, or Ipads cost a lot of stress. They can be timed, and can stress you out.

Another downside of electronics is if you’re a young little kid, let us say you’re four. Your older brother also uses the phone and plays violent games on it. One day you get ahold of the phone and you accidently press on one of the most violent games he has. You become really scared because it has a lot of blood and violence, and you run to tell your mom. My point is, a lot of the games in the world are too violent for kids, and are being played too much and some kids are even starting to play real life GAMES related to them.

Another reason  electronics aren’t good is because a lot of kids and teens are becoming obsessed with electronics and won’t stop and that can be bad because as I said before, it can make your brain split into two halves and can cause a lot of damage and I know you wouldn’t want that, right?

In conclusion, I think kids and teens should use Tablets, Phones, Ipads, and Computers a lot less, or even completely stop using them because it maybe  might be one of the biggest problems we have if you think about it.


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Hover Boards No More

Sophie On Ben's New Hoverboard Joe Shlabotnik via Compfight

by Judy S.

Thousands of kids are getting hover boards then find there are deadly effects. What is a hoverboard? The hoverboard is a device that is controlled by human movement and uses a lithium battery that can easily explode and kill you so hoverboards should be banned for these reasons. They,re blowing up, there a fire hazard and you could go to the hospital.

Hover boards are blowing because the lithium battery will react if you don’t turn off the hover board. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, there have now been 12 incidents in the United States where the lithium ion batteries in these hover boards reportedly blew up  destroying bedrooms and even entire homes.

Fires have started in all sorts of different circumstances, too. According to owners and witnesses, some of the hoverboards exploded while charging, others while riding  and one while it was simply sitting near a kiosk in a Washington shopping mall. There have been several other hoverboard fires reported in the UK, and at least one in Hong Kong.

People are falling for their new hoverboards – literally.Hoverboards have become one of this season’s hottest gifts, but safety concerns surrounding the popular two-wheeled motorized skateboards are putting a damper on some customers’ holidays.”We’ve seen a lot of falls over the holidays,” U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission spokesperson Patty Davis tells us “We’ve seen at least 39 emergency room treated injuries associated with hoverboards: concussions, fractures, contusions, abrasions.”

On the other side there fun to ride and play on. Thousands of kids are getting hoverboards then find there are deadly effects like the hoverboard blowing up or catching on fire and having to go to the hospital because of an injury with a hoverboard.

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Fat Food Not Fast Food

SunnyDinner(at KITASENJU)'s HamburgerCreative Commons License kimishowota via Compfight

by Jaidyn 

A lot of people eat fast food but fast food is very bad so, people should eat less of it because, is very fating and if you eat it to much you can get really FAT.2.It has bad stuff in it that sometimes makes you sick and i bett you do not want to be sick… i dont. Last but not least, 3.It is very cheap and cheap stuff mostly has bad stuff in it and i parents like that some food is cheap but, it is still bad for you. Did you know that if you eat too much of the bad stuff that is in Fast Food you can get cancer.

A lot of fast food taste good but that is because there is so much bad things in it like salt and sugar and other bad stuff. If you live in San Diego then you should be lucky because there are not as much fast food than other places in the world like Mexico and New York city.

Do you know how much calories are in a big mac at McDonalds? There are 540 calories and if you  

Fast Food is cheap and most of the time cheap food is bad for you, but some people don’t have a lot of money so they eat fast food a lot of fast food. I sometimes have fast food because my parents don’t get there check for work till Friday and Wednesday.

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Die Food Dye!

Rainbow Pretzel
Can you believe that they put food dye in this!

Creative Commons License Alex Gorzen via Compfight

By Eliza H.

Food dye is bad for you so why do we have it in food? Food dye was invented in the year 1390 A.D and people still want it in food. Food dye should be removed from all food. Food dye can trick you, it has many chemicals and bugs in it, some people are allergic to it, and it is very bad for you.

Food dye can trick you to make it look like something it is not. It makes food look like it will taste better. Have you ever had cheetos? They look so good with that bright orange cheese powder. It might look good but, it has food dye in it and there is no cheese in it whatsoever. Do you like toasting marshmallows around a campfire? Surprise! Marshmallows have food dye too.

Food dye is made with chemicals and bugs. The chemical in food dye is the same one that is in gasoline, asphalt, and tar. The chemical is called  petroleum. And there are a variety of bugs that go in food dye.

Food dye is bad for your health. It can lead to cancer and ADHD if you eat too much and it can make you have hypersensitivity. Some people are allergic to it. Some side effects are eczema, hives, asthma, mixed emotions, flushing, headaches, itchy skin, and swelling of the face. Europe has taken food dye out of there food because they know it is bad for them and because they researched and found a link with hyperactivity in children and want to make sure they are not food dye’s next victim.

Food dye is a fun way to color your food. Food dye should not be in food even though it make food more enjoyable. Food dye does not help your health. It can lead to cancer and it has chemicals in it. And some people are allergic to it. This is why the U.S. should take food dye out of food.

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No More Smoking!

smoking thrillsCreative Commons License Petras Gagilas via Compfight

by Sophia P.

Smoking is an unhealthy habit that many people have so we should ban smoking. It can kill you. People used to think smoking was good for you. Many places have banned smoking. But some people don’t think we should ban smoking.

Many people have the habit of smoking. It can kill you. 443,000 people die because of smoking every year with 42,000 people dying in just the us alone, because of smoking. That’s all most 10% of all the smoking deaths.1,300 people die a day, just because of smoking that’s a lot.

They have also banned smoking in Mississippi. they banned smoking in Mississippi. they also banned smoking in San Lupus Obicas. Many places all over the world have banned smoking. We should put a stop to smoking everywhere.

Back in the 1920’s to the 1950”s people used to think that smoking wasn’t bad for. But what they didn’t know that it was bad for you, it turns your lungs black and it also causes lung cancer. People back then would smoke in commercials. In 1964 scientist found out that smoking is bad for your lungs and it kills you.

Thank you for reading my essay, and I hope you now want to ban smoking. It kills you. It has been banned in many places all over the world. Now let’s do it together and ban smoking. Smoking is just not right.



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Kids Should Not Have Cell Phones

By Bradley

Windows Live Messenger on mobile device
Cell phones are bad for kids.

Creative Commons License gail via Compfight

Did you know that 56% of  kids ages 8-12 have cell phones? Well it’s true. A lot of kids over 8 have cell phones and I think that should not happen. Kids are spending too much time on phones. Phones are unhealthy for kids and it keeps you from from interacting with other people.

Kids are spending too much time on phones. We NEED TO STOP spending so much time on cell phones and we should play outside in the sun. Also, an average kid spends 73 minutes TEXTING on their phone in 1 day! And an average American spends 4.7 HOURS ON THEIR PHONES a day! Well part of this is because phones are so addicting that you play games or text or go on facebook all day and can’t get off.

This brings me to the next  reason which is phones are unhealthy for you. I am not talking about it has sugar or anything, I am talking about how it is bad for your body. When you look at a screen, radioactive waves hit your eyes which  hurts your eyes. Those radioactive waves keep on going till they hit your brain and cause a tiny bit of damage. But remember how phones are addicting, well that that can cause serious damage, especially for younger kids. Because kids brain haven’t fully developed yet, this can ruin their BRAINS! Being on phones too much can actually increase your stress levels.

Well my next reason why kids should not have cell phones is because they don’t interact with other people and play with other people. Kids just sit there and text or stuff like that when they are supposed to talk with their friends or family and be social with other people. And some people who are having dinner with their family people  are still playing on their phones which I do not agree with that.

Although some parents think that it does improve your social skills by texting, but I think that is not true. Kids going on phones is a bad idea and is not worth damaging their eyes and brain. It is also not worth decreasing their social skills with other people. Kids should enjoy playing around outside in the sun. This is why I think kids should not have cell phones.

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World Kindness Day

world kindness dayHow can you make the world a better place? With little acts of kindness. Friday, November 13th is World Kindness Day. We plan to celebrate this special day being a lot kinder to everyone around us, like maybe opening a door for someone, picking up litter, letting someone go in front of us in line, or putting a post it note on a friend’s desks. There’s so many little things that we can all do that add up to a whole lot of kindness. Check out these easy ideas too.

Also, watch this You Tube video called Color Your World with Kindness. And then comment below. How will you color your world with kindness. We hope you’ll join in! (And don’t forget to leave your blog address if you’d like us to pay your blog a visit too.)


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Kid President, Peanuts: Life is a Comic Strip

We just love Kid President’s latest video. He says, “Life is like a comic strip. Some people do the same boring thing everyday, but some people fill their black and white boxes with awesomeness! How do you add life to the empty sheet of paper?” Let’s start a conversation as we honor “Yesvember”…maybe some of the Edublogs challenge classes will join in.

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People Shouldn’t Take Steroids

We all love our favorite sport players, but what makes them so good? Sometimes it’s hard work and good practice, and also the very strong players might use steroids.

Some people inject steroids to build bigger muscles.

What are steroids you may ask? It’s a drug that makes you stronger but also makes you meaner, and it’s bad for your heart. “Ya I know who wants to be mean to others and to your heart?” They don’t but they want to be stronger.

Some ways it’s good for your body. (if a doctor gives you a prescription for them) But some sports players abuse them and bribe doctors to give them some. def Bribe: pay or give a lot of something to people. The abused one is called anabolic steroids which will make you bulk up. The one prescribed is called corticosteroids.

In the MLB, NHL, NFL, and lots of other leagues for sports you can’t use steroids. But how do players still use them? Well they might take them before each game and stop before they get tested for steroid uses in their blood.

How can tell if they are using steroids? They look really creepy like a strong man but with huge muscles. Like this.

The dangers of taking steroids are insomnia, manic behavior, mood swings, irritability, lack of good judgement, Increased risk of heart attack and stroke.

This is why people should not take steroids.

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Too much time online hurts kids

How much time do you spend outside?  kids need to stop going online and spend a day outside for a change.Well if you do then you should stop going online that much. Most kids spend about 10 hours a day online to play video games! Kids spend too much time online. It is important for kids to spend time with their family and friends, kids need exercise, and kids injure themselves when they lose games.

Photo Credit: Lucélia Ribeiro via Compfight

Children at school
Kids that are addicted to computer games

Kids need to spend some time with their family and friends. Kids ages 8 – 18 spend about 75 hours and 15 minutes every week going online and that is bad because kids are choosing to play on their computer instead of playing with their family and friends.  Kids need to spend more time with their friends and their family.

Kids also need exercise. British kids spend less than 30 minutes outside a week! In fact 37% out of 1,000 parents have never taken their kids looking for wildlife, which means they have never taken their kids hiking, biking, or camping.


Some kids even  injure themselves whenever they lose video games. According to the China news 1,600 non violent video gaming kids were 2.4 more times likely to have self-injured themselves over the past 3 months. Violent video game players were 5 times as likely. Losing video games can also lead to depression or can also lead to family problems.

So stop going online that much if you want to live a longer, healthier, and happier life. So be more active and try not to be one of the 23% of kids who say they are addicted to video games. It’s not healthy for you sitting in front of a screen half of the day. You will miss fun activities with your family and friends, so don’t get addicted to video games! Video games online sure can be fun, but limit your time when online.

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People should have less soda

  People should drink less soda


By Mia Gallo

Free Soda Can Mock-Up Template

Do you care about your health? If you do,   you should not have soda as much it has a lots of  sugar which is bad for you, soda has a lot of calories, and soda can give tooth decay.


Soda has much sugar and that amount of is unhealthy for your body.  and that is a lot and is too much sugar for one day.Soda has 121/3 teaspoons of sugar. You need about 21/3 teaspoons of sugar every day. Can you stop having soda as much because it is only good to help you read and write. When you have too much soda it can get you very jittery and that from the sugar and caffeine.

Soda has a lot of  calories. Even small cans are 30 calories and also can be 90 calories and big cans are 138 calories! It is wild that the big cans of soda are 138 calories?

Soda can give you tooth decay, it has so much sugar and some people drink too much soda and it can make you all fat and can be very very bad for you. Also like I said it can give you tooth decay.

If you have learned anything, be aware that you don’t drink too much soda and have a great and healthy life. Like I keep saying SODA IS BAD FOR YOU1!!!!!!!!!


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Boring is easy, so be awesome!

“You were made to be awesome!” according to the one and only Kid President. We all need a little encouragement every now and then since it’s not easy being awesome all the time. And, don’t forget you need to have hopes and dreams to reach for.
It’s the start of a new school year and the perfect time for a peptalk from Kid President. Check out his video. Which road are you on? What are your hopes and dreams for this school year? Who encourages you? What will you create to make the world awesome? Let us know.


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What is empathy?

Today our school counselor came to visit and we talked about a very important topic–empathy. What is empathy? And how do we show empathy towards others. We role played how people can show empathy towards others especially when we don’t have anything in common or we are not friends. Afterwards, we shared our thoughts on a Padlet wall. How do you show empathy towards others?


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