February 16

Meet Alexander Graham Bell

My name is Alexander Graham Bell. You can all me Alec. I was born on March 3, 1847. I am famous because I invented the telephone.

I was interested in science and music at an early age. In college, I learned more about the speech and the vibrations of sound.  After college, I was a teacher of deaf students. One of my students was Marbel Hubbard.  Mabel lost her hearing at age 4.  Years later, I married her.

I had a lot of good ideas but I could not build them, so I asked Thomas Watson to help me on my inventions.  The harmonic telegraph was my first project.  We worked many late nights.  I worked upstairs, while Mr. Watson worked downstairs.  One evening, I spilled acid on myself.  The acid burned.  I screamed to Mr. Watson forgetting that he was far away to hear me.  Mr. Watson heard me over the wires and he ran into the room and said, “I heard every word!”  I danced and cheered and forgetting all about the burn.  We spent the night talking on our machine.  The date was March 10, 1876.

I went on to invent many other things.  I died on August 2, 1922 at age 75 years.

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