February 16

Meet the Famous Albert Einstein

Hi! I am Albert Einstein I was the smartest person alive!  I changed people’s thoughts of relativity and made some inventions like the TV. I was born on March 14, 1879 in Germany. My parents freaked out because I was so quiet and shy. I didn’t speak until I was 5 years old. Then one day my father came in from work with a gift for me. It was a compass. I loved it. I had so many questions like, “Why did the needle all ways point north?” I asked him that. He told me the needle all ways pointed north is because the world is a giant magnet. I thought that was pretty hard to believe because it would be very weird that we live on a giant magnet.

Then I grew up I went to high school. I hated it. We had to act like soldiers. My Parents moved to Italy but they still wanted me to go to school in Germany but I didn’t want to so I moved to Italy I love the people and the school, it’s so much better than the high school in Germany. I know what I wanted to do as a job. I wanted to be a physics teacher but I didn’t get the job so I worked at the patent office.

Then as I got older the Germans hated me, they wanted to kill me then   World War 1 started. It started right before I wanted to get the pictures to show that space bent but some scientists had to go to Russia but that is where the war is.  They still went, so Scientists got their gear ready for the trip. The whole world wanted to know if I was right on the theory of space bending unfortunately the Russians destroyed the equipment and took the scientists. I wanted to do it again, this time we did it in different parts of the world, the scientists got the photos and I was right. Then World War 2 started, this time Germany joined forces with China, that’s because china was trying to make a destructive bomb called the atomic bomb. I had to do something so I wrote a note to the President of the United States on how to make an atomic bomb. They started straight away! “I did one wrong thing in my life that turned my whole world upside down, when I sent that note to President Roosevelt”. That’s when I started writing a will.  When I was in the hospital I wrote some physics problems and then I died. Everyone followed my will, it said take my brain and give it to the science university and burn me and put my ashes in a secret place.

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