February 16

Meet Tom Brady

My Tom Brady Puppet

My Tom Brady Puppet

Tom Brady is my name and I was born on August 3, 1977 in San Mateo, California. I was named after my father. My parents are named Galynn and Tom Brady. I was known as Tom Brady Jr. As a kid I liked sports a lot. I was on a baseball team when I was about eight years old. I was the best player on the team. But one day I decided it was just not the right sport for me. Then, I started to like football.

If I wasn’t watching football I was playing football with my dad. I have three older sisters. Their names are Maureen, Julie and Nancy. My wish was to become a quarterback. My favorite player when I was a kid was a quarterback. His name was Joe Montana. He was on the San Francisco 49ers. When I went to high school I turned down playing baseball for good. I went to the University of Michigan for college. I made it to the team but I was the third string quarterback. The first year I didn’t play much and I wanted to play more because I was better than the second string quarterback. One day the first string quarterback got hurt. The next game the second string quarterback got hurt and then I was in as the third string quarterback.

I led my team to many wins and barely any losses. I beat some of the best teams in college football. I became the first string quarterback in the first month I played. I was named MVP of the team. I led my team to many awards. We won most of them and lost one or two.

The names of the tournaments were the Orange Bowl and the Citrus Bowl. I was their most valuable player but I had to graduate, because I wanted to go Pro. I was part of the 2000 NFL (National Football League) draft. I was not the first person chosen. I was number 199. I was drafted by the New England Patriots. My coach didn’t think I was all that good. But then when he put me in the practices he realized what a great player I was. In that year 2000, Drew Bledsoe was the first string quarterback. I was one of the many backup quarterbacks.

I half to admit Drew Bledsoe was very good. He was better than me at first. But then throughout the years I went to the gym a lot. I practiced at the park and I went to my real practices with my team. Soon, I became Drew Bledsoe’s number one backup quarterback for the New England Patriots. When I was moved up all the way to number one backup quarterback for the New England Patriots, my dad was so happy he jumped up and down and came to my very next game with a huge banner saying “Go Tom Brady”.

Then in the year 2001 the starting quarterback Drew Bledsoe was very badly hurt in a game. So then it was finally time for me to go in to the game. That season the New England Patriots didn’t make it to the playoffs. But in 2002, the next season, my team made it to the playoffs.

Then the next game we beat the Pittsburgh Steelers and went to the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is where the two best teams that make it to the playoffs face each other.  The Super Bowl was on February 3. My team played the St. Louis Rams. Most people thought my team was going to lose. But it would be a very close game. They were right about the very close game part. But with 5 seconds left in the game, our kicker scored the winning field goal.

The next years that I went to the Super Bowl were 2004, 2005 and 2008. In 2004, I was named Super Bowl MVP. My team and I won the Super Bowl in 2004 and 2005.This year 2011, I lost to the New York Jets in the playoffs. But I’m ready for next season. I always say to myself, “At first you don’t succeed, try again next time because practice makes perfect”.

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