February 22

Runaway Ralph Book Review

Runaway Ralph

Runaway Ralph

In Runaway Ralph by Beverly Cleary there is a mouse called Ralph that had a dream that he would have a big adventure. The adventure was not the kind Ralph expected. It started with Ralph at his home. He loved riding his motorcycle that he got from a boy. He loved it but his mom did not let him ride it if he did not share it with his brothers, sisters, and cousins.

So he ran away and got trapped by a boy named Garf. He met a hamster named Chum. Chum and Ralph became very good friends. This was the best book ever. It had lots of action like when Catso broke into Ralph’s room. It was also astonishing like when Ralph’s cage broke by hitting the floor from Catso’s push.

The problem in Runaway Ralph is when Ralph gets hit off a table from Catso. The lesson is sharing is good not bad and don’t run away from your home. I hope Ralph doesn’t run away again.

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