February 22

Stink and the Great Guinea Pig Express

I’m doing a book review on Stink and the Great Guinea Pig Express by Megan McDonald.  The characters in this story are Stink, Sophie, and Webster. They are trying to find new places for 101 guinea pigs. I like this story because it his hilarious. There are a lot of parts that made me tell the hilarious parts to people.

The Main Characters are Stink, Webster, Sophie, and Mrs. Bird Whistle. My favorite part is when Astro and 4 guinea pigs underwear’s from stinks closet. Settings are at the Squeals on the Wheels, Fur ’n fangs pet shop, and Stinks neighborhood.

The problem is that all 101 guinea pigs need homes. The most important events are when they need to find 3 guinea pigs in the backyard, when they take the guinea pigs too the pet shop; all the guinea pigs were running free and wild. They try to round them up, but they need to find homes for all 101 guinea pigs, and to make a van to hit the road and find homes for the guinea pigs as many as possible. The lesson Stink learned was that it was hard to be responsible and to be responsible to find homes for any pet or a guinea pig.

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