April 20

Is too much chocolate a bad thing?

Chocolate Fever is a book that was written by Robert Kimmel Smith and if you’re looking for a good book to read, Chocolate Fever is the book for you! The main characters are Henry, Dr. Fargo, Mac, and Mr. Sugar Cane and this book is about a boy named Henry that gets this disease called Chocolate Fever because he eats chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

I like the part when Henry goes to the hospital and Doctor Fargo says he’s a walking candy bar! I like this part because it is silly. The important part of this story is when Henry runs away from the hospital and runs into a school, because he doesn’t want to be in the hospital any more.

Henry learns that you can’t have too much of a good thing or it will turn bad. He did have too much of a good thing and he had a lot of trouble. He was sick with Chocolate Fever and he didn’t know how to cure it. So you can’t have your favorite thing all the time.

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Posted April 20, 2011 by Juliana in category Books

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