April 21

Attack of the Chocolate Sickness

Chocolate Fever by Robert Kimmel Smith is about a boy named Henry Greens, Mac the candy delivery guy, Mr. Fargo the doctor, and Mr. Sugarcane. Henry Greens is a boy who couldn’t get enough chocolate he ate chocolate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner he ate so much chocolate he got this disease that was called Chocolate Fever that looks like brown spots that smell like chocolate. For him to be cured he must learn a very important lesson. So if you’re looking for a hilarious, action packed book this is the book for you!

I personally think that this book is hilarious because it has so many hilarious parts that made me laugh. It was funny when Henry Greens ran away in his underwear from the  hospital. I thought it was so funny because Henry was running down the street in his under pants and getting chased by the police, Doctor Fargo, and the nurses. I think the most important events in this story are when Henry gets chocolate fever, hijacked, chased and more. The theme of the book is that you should never have too much of something you love. When Henry eats way too much chocolate and gets chocolate fever, he realizes he should not have so much chocolate or he will get it again.

By Tyler


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