March 29

Who is Johnny Appleseed?

Johnny Appleseed traveled through the midwest planting apple trees

Have you ever wondered who Johnny Appleseed was besides the fact that he planted apple trees? Well I’m here to tell you. Johnny helped settlers on their long journey by giving them apples so they could eat them. He was kind to animals and people. People said that he lived for others.

Johnny was born on September 26, 1774, in Leominster, Massachusetts. When Johnny was two, his father was called into war as a minute man on April 19, 1775. A year later in 1776 he was walking in George Washington’s army. The only one that could comfort Johnny at that time was his six-year-old sister named Elizabeth. At the same time his mother and new born brother died. Luckily Johnny’s dad survived the war and came back home. Then in the summer of 1780 Johnny’s dad got remarried to a woman named Lucy Cooley. After, they had ten more children and Johnny and his sister went to school. But he was often a dreamer in class and never listened. The only reason he liked school is that he could dream about all the animals he would meet in the woods after school and the new adventure he would read in the Bible.

When Johnny was older he worked at a cider mill. Back then they didn’t have refrigerators so they made a lot of products out of apples because they keep fresh for a long time. Most people that worked there threw out the excess seeds. But the Indians and the Bible told him not to waste anything, so he kept the seeds and planted them in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Illinois, & Indiana. He planted them just so that other people could eat them. One day he was walking and telling the people around him stories because he was a really good story teller when, he stepped on a rattle snake. The rattle snake bit him and the people around him pointed their guns at it. But he said, “No don’t hurt it! It didn’t know what it was doing.” From then on he wouldn’t wear shoes so that he can punish his feet. He would never kill or eat an animal even if it was already dead. So he became a vegetarian. Sometimes in harsh winters he would live on nuts rather than hunt an animal. Ha carried around a sauce pan to cook with. When he wasn’t cooking he would wear it on his head as a hat.

When Johnny was 71 in 1845 while he was walking in a snowstorm in Fort Wayne, Indiana he caught pneumonia and died. He based his life on others and was always kind and helpful. He made people happy and never let them down. He inspirers me because he became famous just by being himself and people were happy to be in his presents and he was happy to see them as well. He was just an ordinary man with a big heart for others.

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