April 18

How we spent our Spring Break

Here’s our response to Week 5’s challenge and how we spent our vacation. Our school was on Spring Break the first week of April. We certainly got around, traveling near and far. Kaya went to Utah skiing. Dillon went rock climbing in Joshua Tree. Mrs. McKelvey went golfing in Palm Desert. Riley went hiking in Palm Springs. And, Emi even traveled all the way to Les Arcs in France!

Mieke spent two days over Spring Break painting a wall board court at school. Her design won the school wide competition for third grade and so she got to paint it onto one of the wall boards on our playground. It’s a picture of the world with our school perched on top of it. And it looks amazing!

Presley’s Spring Break wasn’t very exciting but he does get to live in a new house now…you see his family moved houses. And that can be exciting. Rebecca didn’t have much fun either because she had to visit the doctor about her foot pain. She’s going to need surgery on it this summer.

Nicole celebrated her 9th birthday and ate at her favorite burger restaurant. She gets to shop at her favorite store soon and pick out her gift.

Sophia went to Sea World not once, but twice…and got doubly wet! When she leaned over to pet a dolphin it splashed her with his tail. She was dripping wet!

Over all, we had a fabulous Spring Break! We are now busy preparing narrative paragraphs and we will post them to a VoiceThread by the end of the week. So check back in with us and learn more about our vacation.

Meanwhile, here are a few pictures for you to enjoy.

Make a video of your own at Animoto.


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7 thoughts on “How we spent our Spring Break

  1. rhoffman

    Wow! You all are some serious travelers! The thing I like the most is that so many of you were out of the house and doing something over Spring Break. Did you learn something new during your travels or in San Diego activities?

  2. John Miller

    Hi Mrs. McKelvey and Class!

    We love the Animoto video you made and enjoyed reading about your adventures during break. We are also back to school this week.

    I love rock climbing too Dillion! I was at Joshua Tree in March and it was beautiful πŸ™‚ Do any of you have any fun summer plans?

    Mr. Miller and Class
    Chalone Peaks Middle School

  3. EE Class 3.2

    I really like your photos. I would love to do all of the things your class did. What were your favourite things you did?

  4. Ms Simonsen & Class 3.2

    I would be WAY WAY WAY TO SCARED to go rock climbing!! When you were having your spring break we were having Easter break!! I got herds and herds of stuff for the Easter break!! When is your Easter break!? πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

    1. Mrs. McKelvey (Post author)

      Dear Ms. Simonsen’s Class,
      Thanks for your response. Our break is just called Spring Break. Not everyone celebrates Easter at our school as they are Jewish or Muslim. So that’s why we just call it Spring Break…even though Easter usually falls at the end of our Spring Break.

      Mrs. McKelvey


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