April 25

Go Carts At Boomers

Racing go carts

My name is Wesley, and here is my blog challenge for Week 5. Over Spring Break I rode go carts at Boomers. My sister and I sped around the big track as fast as we could.  The pedal was pushed all the way down to the floor of the go cart. As I came around the corners I was thinking, “Oh no! I’m going to crash!” I bumped her car and she bumped my car so hard that I swerved all over the road. At the end of the race I sped in front of her and she bumped me so hard I was stuck against the railing. So the Boomer’s worker came over. I was thinking, Carly why did you do that? He looked at me with a mean face and yanked my car right out of the spot I got stuck in. I kept going but then it was the end. Next time I will not race my sister… I’ll race my dad or my mom instead of racing her.

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1 thoughts on “Go Carts At Boomers

  1. rhoffman

    Racing go-carts is so much fun! Your story brings back memories for me. When I was a teenager in the 1980s Boomers was called the Family Fun Center and I went there a lot. They had a different go-cart track then. It was a slick track with oil on the ground which would make your go-cart slide as you went around corners. I really loved racing there. Thanks for sharing! I will be smiling all day as I think about all the good times I had at the Family Fun Center (Boomers).


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