April 26

My Spring Break Accident

Hiking in Palm Springs

Hi, my name is Riley and here’s what I did for Spring Break.Over Spring Break I got hurt while hiking with my family. I was hiking up a mountain trail in Palm Springs. When I reached the top, I turned around and bolted down and headed for the exit of the trail. When I got to the bottom, I waited and waited. I was thinking, “How long is it going to take them to get down here?” I decided to walk over to a look at an odd looking palm tree. When I was leaning on the tree, I lifted up my heel.  “AHHH! Ow!” I scraped my heel which made me jump forward. SMACK! My head hit an Agave cactus plant. I put my hand over my head. When I took it off I saw blood on my hand. I rubbed the mark and I felt a half grape sized lump on my forehead. So that’s all. Make sure you never go near a palm tree surrounded by any type of cactus.

Agave plant

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