April 27

Animal Foster Parents

Volunteers at PAWS foster dogs and cats until they find a permanent home.

Week 6’s challenge about work made me think of my mom’s friend who has a very interesting job. Would you like to find out about it? If so, keep on reading.

Her name is Elle and she volunteers for PAWS as an animal foster parent for cats and dogs. And you ask what do animal foster parents do? They take care of animals until they are old enough for adoption. We think the funnest part would be naming them and playing with them.

The purpose of this organization, PAWS is to make sure that the animals are safe and ready for adoption when they are older. PAWS is saving lots of animals. especially cats and dogs that are in danger. PAWS saves more than 1,000 animals each year. We think…

Dog tongues are red, some cats feel blue so that’s why we want you to save one too. Maybe you can make a donation to PAWS or even volunteer your time?


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Posted April 27, 2012 by Livi in category Edublogs Challenge

3 thoughts on “Animal Foster Parents

  1. Kendall

    Hi Livi,
    This post is very interesting and sad. Did you know that PAWS saved over more than 6500 homeless, abandoned, and unwanted animals in 2011? Information found (www.phillypaws.org/News/archive/97.asp)
    Thank you,

    Is volunteering at these shelters a huge responsibility or a huge job?

    Do you know how many animals a year get adopted at PAWS?

  2. Livi (Post author)

    No, I did not know that PAWS saved 6500 homeless animals 2011. How did you know that? And yes, always when you volunteer for something it is a big responsibility especially when you are dealing with animals. I’m not certain how many get adopted but I know it’s a lot.
    From my lily-pad to yours,
    A blogging frog,

  3. elizabeth12011

    Hi Livi,
    I think volunteering at animal shelters and organizations such as PAWS is a great thing to do. I also wrote about volunteering at animal shelters for this blogging challenge. I love your poem at the end. Did you make it? You can look at my blogging challenge #6 and other posts too if you follow this link http://shirleys6th.edublogs.org/category/lizzy2011/


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