April 27

Grand Slam Job!

Petco Park, San DiegoPadres in their camoflouge uniforms doing the pledge

Week 6’s challenge made me think about my dream job. My dream job is to be a professional baseball player in the M.L.B. I play little league right now and are team name is the Padres (retro) this year the actual Padres bought all of the jerseys for the teams. All the teams our different Padres uniforms. (They donated money to the whole San Diego County.) I practice every day. I even made my own pitching mound in my back yard made out of a brick and some dirt.

The best teams in the M.L.B right now are the L.A. Dodgers, N.Y Yankees, and Boston Red Soxs. The team that I would like to be on is the Boston Red Soxs even if that means moving to Boston. In little league we travel to Mission Bay and Presidio.

Our field is 200 feet from home plate to out of the park center field. The positions that I like are shortstop, pitcher, and first base. Now you know my dream job, what’s yours?

Attribution: Original description: Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego personnel attended a weekend at Petco Park Sept. 17-18. The San Diego Padres donated tickets to the USO to distribute to military organizations thought the city. Pvt. Charlie Chavez

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1 thoughts on “Grand Slam Job!

  1. Ryder

    I like your post and thank you for sharing it with me. I like your blog how you told me about your team and baseball. My answer for the question you asked what my dream job is, I want to be an artist.
    Is your team wining a lot right now?
    Did you know If you’re running from first base to third base it is 180 feet? Hope you get a lot more posts. Did you know Babe Ruth is one of the most famous baseball players?


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