April 27

I Love A Clean San Diego

Week 6’s blogging challenge is about work and so I decided to write about volunteer work at an organization in San Diego that wants to keep San Diego clean. I Love a Clean San Diego, “…leads and educates our community to actively conserve and enhance the environment.” They teach people about waste reduction and to not waste water, recycling, proper disposal of household hazardous waste, and storm water pollution prevention. Two people, Bob and Jan Rogers, saw a reason for beach clean up, and awareness about limited water supply in San Diego. Now they provide beach clean up and bay clean up. Bob and Jan say “It’s a great learning experience for kids.”

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Posted April 27, 2012 by Mieke in category Edublogs Challenge

4 thoughts on “I Love A Clean San Diego

  1. Mr. Juarez

    Mieke and the rest of Mrs. McKelvey’s Bloggin’ Frogs, I love reading your blog posts. Thank you for sharing your thoughts in this way, and keep up the great work!

  2. Noah, Zach and, Eric

    HI Mieke,
    We loved your post and we want to help the cause to keep San Diego clean. Your words really caught me. We would really enjoy it if you could tell us if they have a website, and if they do, whats the URL? This post should really inspire many people to help with this and maybe start this in their city. I think what your doing is a great thing. We should preserve our natural resources.

    Do you like your job?

    Why did you decide to help San Diego?

    When you do this are you thinking of all the people, and how much of the Earth you are helping?

  3. Mieke (Post author)

    Dear Noah, Zach, and Eric,
    The website is http://www.cleansd.org/. Hopefully you can find what you wanted. I was just interested in this organization so I looked into it. I don’t volunteer there. I actually have never done this before but I want to do the next beach clean up which is not long from now.

  4. Noah, Eric, and Zach

    Dear Mieke,
    Thank you for giving us this wonderful website, We are looking forward to visiting this sight. It’s great that you are going to help to keep your cities beaches clean. It is a great way to help your community. We don’t have many beaches here, but I would love to start this in my community. I think I just might. thank you for encouragement to do the right thing.


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