April 27

My Wet Visit to SeaWorld

My Spring Break was amazing, I went to SeaWorld …twice! I went with my mom, dad, sister, and brother.  My all time favorite part of all the times that I was at SeaWorld over break was going to Rocky Point Preserve to pet the dolphins. When I was reaching over to pet one, it splashed right on me with its tail. I got soaked from head to toe. I was dripping like a seaweed monster just coming out of the ocean. I felt like one of the pieces of seaweed that’s on the gigantic beast. I looked like a freak. I also smelled like a fish. My mom said that the dolphin liked me… I doubted that. The same thing happened the next time I went there too! Even though I was upset at the time, I realized that it was really funny! I can’t wait to go to SeaWorld again!

On the second day that I went to SeaWorld I bought a Shamu. But since I was so wet from the dolphins splashing me I could not touch any of the stuffed animals that were in the store. The only thing that I could touch was my money that I payed for the Shamu with. It was excruciating. But at least I got my shamy!


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