May 3

Having Fun!

For Week 7’s challenge Gayle, Kyra, and I worked as a team and got creative. We visited three fun website. You can see what we created below.

I went to Make Beliefs Comix website. You get to create your very own comic strip on this website. I think it was pretty easy to use once I got used to the different menu choices and a lot of fun. I felt like a real comic person making this comic strip.

Emi's comic on Make Beliefs ComixK

Kyra went to This is Sand. On this website you create sand art by moving the mouse around the page. Kyra recommends this page because it helps people show their artistic side. It’s fun and easy to use too. You can do black and white or color sand art.

Kyra's sand creation

And Gayle went to Blabberize. This website was also a lot of fun and made us laugh a lot. It’s a bit tricky to figure out. Gayle managed to upload a picture and create a blabber and even record a poem but she couldn’t figure out to make the mouth line up properly. We think this site would be a fun way to share ideas or tell stories.


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