May 3

My New Lego, Jay’s Storm Fighter

I love Legos and one day over Spring Break I was expecting my new blue Lego jet to come in the mail. Suddenly a man walked up to our house and put down a box and left. I ran rapidly up to the box and picked it up and ran it to my bedroom and opened it! It was my blue Lego jet with guns. I couldn’t wait so I started working on it! There were tons of parts so I thought, “This is going to take a long time.” The way I put together the parts was hard because you had to put together creases to creases. At the last piece I got stuck because the last piece was a rubber band. I felt so frustrated with it because when I tried to stretch it over I thought it was going to snap. It took me awhile before it worked but it eventually worked. It took me an hour and thirty minutes to build my Lego. I felt relieved and happy after I finished my Lego. I can’t wait until my next Lego!

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Posted May 3, 2012 by Emilie in category Edublogs Challenge

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