4 thoughts on “Our Dream Job…A Game Designer

  1. claire12011

    Mrs. McKelvey’s Class,
    I was looking at your blog there are lots of cool stuff on there. I loved the graphic designer that you made into a glogster what a great idea! Love the name bloggin frogs that is very creative!

  2. samantha12011

    Hi there my name is Samantha. Wow that’s so cool that you want to be a game designer. I hope you become on later on in your life. Nice glogster it really catches my eye. Great job on the writing too! Sincerely Samantha.
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  3. logan2011

    Hi my name is Logan.
    I really like that you want to be a game designer and make cool games. If you do make cool games when you grow up, I will buy all of the ones you make. When I grow up I want to be a professional soccer player because I love soccer so much. If you could pick any other job besides a video game designer what would it be?
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  4. genna2011

    Dear Mrs. McKelvey’s Bloggin Frogs,
    I really like your blog. I love how you’re called The Bloggin Frogs and I like all of the pictures and colors. It is really attractive and makes me want to read your posts. I enjoyed the Glogster about dream jobs and becoming a video game designer. I think it is a great idea to choose a dream job and then do research on it. It sounded like a lot of fun to do!
    Shirley’s 6th grade


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