May 16

Poppy Book Review

Poppy by author Avi

In the book called Poppy, by Avi, Poppy’s family is growing larger and Grey House is too small. They need a new home. They want to move to a place called New House, but evil Mr.Ocax refuses, and blames it on Poppy. Poppy and an old friend called Ragweed, went on Bannock Hill without permission, so Mr.Ocax ate Ragweed but missed Poppy. Poppy thinks that his refusal is not because of her. So, she wants to find out what is the real reason for his refusal. So she goes on a big adventure. Will she battle? Will she survive? What will she find out?

My favorite character is a sassy porcupine named Ereth. He is rude character and says “What kind of idiotic name is that. He makes fun of Mr. Ocax’s idea of ruling dimwood. He lives on his own rules and even he breaks them. Ereth is a loner, he likes to be alone and Ereth is a salt lover, he’ll do anything to get SALT. He is carefree and he does whatever He wants to do when He wants to do it. He seems not to care what other people think of him. He doesn’t believe that Mr.Ocax is a ruler, so he does whatever he wants. That’s why Ereth is my favorite character.

I think the theme is that anyone including a small mouse can be a hero. Poppy needs to face the fact of Ragweed’s death. She learns that you can’t be fragile and live your life in bubble wrap you have to face your fears and live an exciting life, perhaps, take chances. She learns that porcupines won’t eat her, and finds out things about Mr.Ocax. A poppy stands up to what she thinks is right.

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