May 16

Poppy by Avi

Poppy is a great book by Avi

Poppy is a book written by Avi. In this book the main character is Poppy, a small deer mouse. Poppy’s family is in desperate need of a new Home. An evil great horned owl, named Mr.Ocax wants to stop her and Won’t let Poppy’s family move. Poppy disobeys Mr.Ocax and goes on an Extreme adventure because she wants to find out the real reason for Mr.Ocax’s refusal. She is in terrible danger. Along the way she meets And makes an unexpected friend. Is the unexpected friend a helper or A danger? Will she survive or will she die? Read the story and Find out what happens!

In my personal opinion my favorite character in the story Poppy is Ereth. He is honestly a sassy, rude porcupine. For example he says, “Get The bees butt out of my toilet!” On one hand I agree with Poppy Because she said in the story that, “He is the most likable and unlikable Creature she’d ever met. Ereth is a salt lover. The only thing he loves Is salt. Ereth also has some good qualities. Like he lets Poppy stay with Him when she needs to most. That is the reason I like Ereth.

The theme of the story Poppy is to believe in yourself and have Hope. At the end Poppy learns that. She learns to not let her tail lead The way and to be more enthusiastic and more of an explorer. Poppy Went on an adventure to a place she has never been before. Along the Way she met a stranger and made a deal with the stranger. “I will take You to New House only if you get me the salt on the salt lick for me.” Poppy agreed with the stranger. So they set off to new house. That Helped her start believing in herself. Along the way they have some Trouble with Mr.Ocax! Will they survive?

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