May 25

Week 10: Our Blog Evaluation

This post is for Week 10: Blog Evaluation. So far we have 31 posts. We have 12 school based post,  and 21 set by the Edublogs challenge. We received a total of 63 comments! We got a lot of comments from overseas students, a few from our own parents and own classmates. We have 17 other classes on our blogroll. We received the most comments on the “Where We Live” Post. We think this happened because it was one of our first comments and probably the one people visit the most. We enjoyed writing the post about our “Spring Break” the most because we each got to learn about what everyone did. Mrs.McKelvey changed our blog theme when she set up our class blog. We have 13 widgets. We think it is just enough widgets. We like watching the number of Visitors rise.

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Posted May 25, 2012 by Mieke in category Edublogs Challenge

1 thoughts on “Week 10: Our Blog Evaluation

  1. Hilde V.

    Thanks for sharing students in room B12. I enjoyed reading your blog a lot. Thank you, Mrs. McKelvey for all you have done for our students. It’s been a fantastic year! Wishing you all a great summer!


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