October 22

Red Ribbon Week

Our school is doing Red Ribbon Week during October 22-26. We had an assembly on Friday to kick off the week. It was about saying no to drugs. Police officers came and talked to us about drug safety and told us about how we can help by not buying drugs or using drugs. They brought in a helicopter and an army truck. At lunch we got to go in the vehicles, look at the inside, and get autographs signed. I got my paper signed by someone named Carl. I thought he and his dog were awesome. His dog found a guy with drugs on him super fast during a demonstration. Red Ribbon Week is really fun.



Our class in front of an armored truck.


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Posted October 22, 2012 by Pierce in category Student Posts

5 thoughts on “Red Ribbon Week

  1. Julissa

    it was cool cause they bought the helicopter and the marine truck. And our class saw the helicopter leaving when we were going to P.E.And when we were at P.E the marine truck was leaving .

  2. Nathan Daniel jordan

    Dear,Mrs.Mckelvey I really like the idea of red robbin week.That would be awesome if a helicopter.It would be cool to have a peace of paper sighed by a army man.Who was Carl.


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