February 1

Yeah for snow cone Fridays

Yummy snow cones!

Every Friday we should have snow cone Friday for just two dollars! It’s easy to make, snow cones are really tasty, and lots of kids will get really excited to have snow cones every Friday! Sisters, brothers, parents, and really anyone is invited.

Kids loves snow cones especially on hot days. We can also raise money for our school, like for P.E. equipment and school supplies. Our school will get more education with better school supplies. We can get more books and better computers. I think raising money for school is a great idea! It will be so fun when we have new school supplies.

Kids will get excited to go to school every Friday knowing they will get snow cones. Kids will  listen better so they won’t get in trouble because that way teachers will let them go get snow cones after school. So, kids will get out of bed and rush to school to get snow cones.

 Even though snow cones are sugary they can be healthy. We can put less high fruit corn syrup and we will have less sugar. We can use lots of vitamins and calcium. It is healthy, tasty, and kids are happy all at the same time.

All kids think it’s a great idea for having snow cones on Friday. The school is raising money, kids are excited, and it can be healthy all at the same time! If we had snow cones at our school I would get it every Friday and so would my friends! Do you think we should have snowcone Friday.

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Posted February 1, 2013 by Mackenzie in category Student Posts

8 thoughts on “Yeah for snow cone Fridays

  1. Serena

    I think that it is awesome idea. Giving people a treat and raising money for the school at the same time. You are right . Paying for school acquirement and new toys or balls. I love your topic. But i think you don’t have to talk about the teachers it’s at the end of school and the teacher can’t tell you that you can’t get snow- cones again after school. and I think you don’t have to put healthy because snow- cones aren’t healthy. Try not to put something that isn’t true and try not to over use exclamation points it’s like 10 times in 2 paragraphs other wise it was great.

  2. Ryan

    i like the topic and i think it would be good because
    kids would start wanting to going to school and they would be happy.

  3. Caitlyn

    Dear Mackenzie,
    I agree that we should have snow cones on Friday because if we have snow cones kids will like school more.

  4. Devon

    Mackenzie, I think you are right why can’t we have a tasty, good treat every Friday. I mean think about it. It is really easy to make, it tastes amazing, and kids would have a happy stomach.

  5. Emi

    I think this a great idea to raise money for school! Your idea could really work well if we did all those healthy ideas you thought of.

  6. Mackenzie (Post author)

    Serena they can tell when you are geting snow cones because they will be realy excited and they will be asking the teaches if you can go get snowcones. And unlike the snowcones that you eat these snowcones will have no fat and no high fruit corn syrup. So, these will be healthier.

  7. Mackenzie (Post author)

    Kids would be excited to go to school and we will raise tons of money for school supplies.


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