February 1

Better Lunch Choices

If schools add more choices on the menu then kids would buy hot and healthy lunches and I know I want more choices.

If schools added more varieties of fruits and vegetables that are yummy and organic, kids will choose healthier options. Healthy lunch choices will make kids eat well and if they’re yummy the kids won’t even know the difference. We can also have healthier and yummier drinks.

I think cafeterias should be like Soup Plantation where there is a bread table, soup table, dessert table, appetizers, salad bar,and a meat table. That would be awesome right? Schools would pay more money but they would get money but they would get money back because kids would buy lunch more and moms and dads would put more money in their child’s account.

Kids make their parents spend too much money on lunches and  sometimes the kids just waste what their parents spend money on. But if we add more items to our lunch menu then the kids won’t waste their food because they’ll like the food better and their parents won’t spend as much money buying food.

I bet me and those other kids would like that so please get some healthier and yummier lunch choices, and thank you for reading.

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7 thoughts on “Better Lunch Choices

  1. Laurie Escalante

    I’d like to see better meal choices. I think they should provide organic and no processed foods. I’d rather pay the lunch price for my child to eat something healthy and a variety of foods she can choose from than pack a lunch with stuff she may not like and decides to waste. Nicely done!

  2. Jace

    Haley I totally agree with you . We do need better lunch foods . It would be better than what we have now . But the Soup Plantation idea needs more thought , the desert table idea to be exact . And yes we do make our parents spend to much money . You might want to make a list of foods . It’s just a thought . But over all it was very clever .

  3. Xavier

    Dear, Haley
    My name is Xavier and I think that your writing was great. I liked it when you wrote about all of the snack bars, but don’t you think it’s a little too much. The school might be able to afford some of it but not all of it.
    Otherwise it was very amazing. Next, there’s the fact that some parents cant afford this.They might or they might not. You should also check how many times you said yummy. Finally everything else was completely perfect!

  4. Oliver

    Haley your persuasive writing is really good! I love the details you put in the writing. For my opinion I would like healthy pizza. This is my favorite one.

  5. Devon

    Your post really shows that kids like us should have more choices when they buy school lunch. How you explained it with full details is amazing and I think you really do have a point to your writing.

  6. Avalon

    Dear Haley,
    Wow, that is a great piece of writing! I agree with you. We should have better lunch choices and pizza would be awesome. Maybe we could make that happen.


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