February 1

Bring back the chocolate milk

Two whole years ago our school banned chocolate milk because it was unhealthy but I know something that might bring it back to our school. Chocolate milk can be healthy. Kids really like chocolate milk so they’ll drink it and many kids are tired of getting just plain old milk. Kids will buy chocolate milk so the school will earn money. These are some of the reasons I think our school should bring back chocolate milk.Chocolate milk can be healthy you know. For example TruMoo chocolate milk is healthier than Hershey’s chocolate milk, Horizon chocolate milk, and even Silk chocolate soymilk. TruMoo chocolate milk is healthy because it has less sugar, it has less calories, there is no artificial sweeteners, there is no extra fat. Now that sounds like a healthy drink to me.

Guess what? Chocolate milk can get the school more money. Do you know how? Well two years ago when our school banned chocolate milk kids stopped buying school lunch because there was no chocolate milk, and guess what while the school had chocolate milk kids were taking two chocolate milks because they liked it so much. To stop kids from doing that I  consider that whenever you see a kid doing that tell them that they can’t take two chocolate milks and tell them that taking two chocolate milks is why the school banned chocolate milk in the first place. But guess what? Maybe even more kids will buy school lunch because of the chocolate milk.

Did you know that bringing back chocolate milk will influence kids to drink milk? Well it probably will. Even though its chocolate milk it’s still milk and it still provides you with vitamins and calcium. So it’s a tasty lunch while you are still getting the Vitamins and Calcium.

This has been why I want the school to bring back chocolate milk and I really hope you agree with me and try to bring back chocolate milk.

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Posted February 1, 2013 by Devon in category Health

3 thoughts on “Bring back the chocolate milk

  1. Melia

    I agree with bringing back chocolate milk. I really like how you explained about the different chocolate milks. Your piece was very good but you might want to watch your punctuation. I think you should be a little more specific and not keep on putting the same words down like (guess what), and adding questions. But although you did really good. You should also re read and correct your spelling. You should also not add this is why because people reading your piece already know what you are talking about. Do not start all sentences with the same words. I learned from your blog that some chocolate milks are actually kind of healthy. You did a great job on your blog.

  2. Wesley

    You did a great job but you repeated some things. For example, “Well two years ago our school banded chocolate milk”. You have already said that at the beginning of your writing peace. You also might want to put more punctuation like where you said ” kids really like chocolate milk so they’ll drink it(,) and many kids…”. But I really really liked your idea, great job and I definitely do agree with you.

  3. Emi

    This is making me want to beg Mr.Juarez for the chocolate milk. Even though I don’t buy lunch it would make people who do happy.


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