February 1

Buy Alternative Cars

I think alternative cars are better and we should buy them instead of regular old cars. Fuel is running out and it means regular cars won’t be able to start up anymore. Regular cars pollute the air. Alternative cars save money on gas.

Regular cars pollute air and if we keep polluting the air we cannot live. The air around us will be dirty and smoggy. Regular cars are bad for the environment.

There is not a lot of fossil fuel left so regular cars will not be able to run when there is no fuel. Alternative cars do not use fossil fuels so that means they can run without fossil fuels. Scientists say that fossil fuels will run out in about one hundred years. We need to find other vehicles for transportation.

When you drive alternative cars you also save money on gas. Gas prices cost like $3.93 per gallon and that’s a lot!  Alternative cars cost zero dollars for gas and that’s a difference. We could save money to buy other things.

Alternative cars are better for the environment. They don’t cost as much because they don’t use gas. They don’t pollute the air.  Alternative cars are the future of cars.

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Posted February 1, 2013 by Nadav in category Student Posts

2 thoughts on “Buy Alternative Cars

  1. Dillon

    I completely agree with you. Have you ever seen brownish fog, a lot of that is pollution regular cars put into the air. Just the other day I saw a sign that said super gas discount $3.55 that would only mean. . . almost $100 for one full tank!

    The only things I would correct is I think you said alternative cars are good for the environment to many times. Possibly say how much a regular car costs compared to an alternative car and ma by instead of saying like say about. otherwise great.

    Again I really like your piece keep up the good work.

  2. luna

    I agree with you that we should buy Alternative car because our cars we use now are polluting the air. You were correct if we pollute the air we can’t live. We also don’t have to spend so much money buying fuel. In about 100 years the fuel will disappear anyway. I think that you shouldn’t repeat a word twice in a sentence. For everything else you did a very good job.

    Luna P.S. Like your picture.


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