February 1

Cell Phones

I think children should have cell phones. If children had cell phones they would be safer, could help when there are accidents, and keep in touch their with parents.  That’s why I think you should let young children have a cell phone.

Cell phones can help children to be safer. If a child got lost he could use his cell phone to call home. Also If you are on the bus and you do not know where the bus is going you would need to call your mom, or you are at your friends house and you guys are jumping on the bed and we fall of  the bed you would need to call your mom to tell her and if it is the first day of school and you were walking to school.

For example this is way you can have a phone for an accident if  you go to your friend’s house and if you guys have too much fun your head can hurt or if you eat too much you will not feel good and you will have to call your mom to say that you went to the hospital because your finger almost broke. You would need to call. Also if you are jumping in the bed you can hurt yourself.

Here is a reason you should have a phone so you can keep touch with your parents. If you go to the park and you say mom I will run left and you run right that way I can meet you at the park. When you do a mile and you got lost you would need to tell your mom or dad i’m lost. I don’t know where i’m at and they told you keep in touch with me. That would be another reason to.Here is another reason you should have a phone just to keep in touch.  If you go to six flags and you go on a ride and you got lost after you got of you would need to call your mom.

I think you should just have phones to keep in touch with your parents and also because they need to be safe and also if there is an accident. All those 3 reasons that i just gave you those are the reasons you should have a phone at school home if your with your friends and all those places you go.What do you think should we have phones for safety  accidents and keeping in touch with your parents?

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5 thoughts on “Cell Phones

  1. Haley

    Kids can have cell phones but they shouldn’t, because the will get used to it and go on their phones all the time and it can hurt their brains.

  2. Alicia Vilas

    What a well written opinion piece! I agree that it should be used for emergency reasons. It is just weird because when I was younger we did not have cell phones.

    I am trying to get my students to write opinion pieces also. No one in my class thought of writing about cell phones.

    Mrs. Vilas
    NJ, USA

  3. Devon

    Julissa, that was a very well detailed piece of writing. It really shows how cell phones can be useful to kids and help them to stay safe and secure.


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