February 1

Curie Needs a Digital School Sign

Digital signs are much better than static signs.

I think that Curie Elementary should have a digital school sign. I believe that the sign Curie has now is harder to switch letters and make sentences. The current sign cannot be seen from far away. The size of the sign does not give much space for information.

With our old sign, you have to change it all the time. Every day the janitor has to take out the letters by hand and replace them with new ones. If the letters are missing, then you might not be able to spell an important word correctly. It can take a lot longer to write something on the sign. A digital sign has the information typed into a computer. This lets you make changes easily and quickly.

The current sign has letters that are very small and hard to read. With a digital sign you could make the letters as big as you want. The current sign can’t be seen at night. The new digital sign would be very bright.

The current sign does not have much room for information. New sign could list lots of details about events at school. You could tell people what time the school starts and details about the school. When it is summer break kids could look at the sign, and they might want go to Curie. You could put on the sign when it is science night, the play, astronomy night, craft fair, or PTA meetings.

I think that a digital sign in front of the school would be a great improvement for Curie. It would help all of the Curie families know what is going on at school. It would be a way to tell the community about all of the great things that are happening at our school. These signs are expensive but maybe we could raise money by having a fundraisers like a rummage sale.

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