February 1

Do kids need cell phones?

Did you know 800,000 children get lost per year? Cell phones can change this problem. If a kid is lost in a crowd the kid will be able to contact supervision. Think of a kid lost with no cell phone they would run around looking for their parents and the parents looking for them. Chaos, right? That is only one way cell phones can help kids.

Kids always want to be with friends. If we had a cell phone it would feel like being with them. Some people in that are a part family don’t live us so we can contact them and the cell phone fixes that problem too.

Do kids really need cell phones?

Kids get bored very often. Phones can have apps are able to be on phones so we can learn, play, use the internet, and other ways to use time. Some games are both playing and education games like cloud math and chalkboard math.

Cell phones can help in many different ways. Those are to contact supervision, call people, and to entertain. That’s why I think kids should have cell phones.

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Posted February 1, 2013 by Emilie in category Student Posts

1 thoughts on “Do kids need cell phones?

  1. Andrew

    I think your punctuation and your reasoning behind it is nice. Although when you start a paragraph make sure to indent. Also when you said 800,000 children get lost a year. exactly 800,000 kids don’t get lost a year ,about or almost 800,000 kids get lost a year. Finally I think if kids have phones they shouldn’t be able to play non learning games.


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