February 1

Kids have too much homework

Do kids have too much homework?

Kids should have less homework because a lot of kids are complaining that there is a lot of homework to be done and parents can’t make a lot of money to go places.

Kids have less time to bond with their family because kids need time to bond with their family. Like girls should have time to bond with their moms and boys with their dads to be a proper boy or girl. They should have time to go out to dinner even I don’t get out go out to dinner. They also should get to play

Kids are getting too much stress. My friend Zachary stays out of school.   He had a lot of homework to be done. He finished but it took at least 2 or 3 days. Even in 4th grade they complain to. I don’t think that is right and so there is a lot of stress I think all around the world and kids need a break because when they come to school the next day the will come to school they will be tired and won’t focus good in class.

Parents don’t make a lot of money because they have to stay home and do homework with their kid or kids like my mom. We need less homework so kids can have food in their house. They need nice home to live in. So if kids have less homework than they have less stress are more active and eat better and are much and heifer.

Kids miss a lot of stuff like parties, soccer games, and other stuff. They don’t get there because of too much homework. Even moms and dads miss work or conferences. Kids want to go to the park and they can’t because they have too much homework to do. Kids can’t do what they want to do and by the time they finish their homework they have to eat diner and go to bed and there will be no play time. Tha’ts why I think we should have less homework.

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Posted February 1, 2013 by Callie in category Student Posts

4 thoughts on “Kids have too much homework

  1. Dante

    Callie, I 100% agree with you, because when I have too much homework, I just can’t finish it, and then my homework is turned in late, I don’t get to eat dinner,I go to bed hungry, and in the morning I have chores & homework to do, so I don’t have ANY time to relax , PLUS I have to go to my running club. In other words, it throws me off my feet!


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