February 1

Kids need more games

Kids need more games to play during rainy day recess.

Kids need more games. On rainy day recess kids have to stay inside and that’s a problem. Many kids don’t have fun games to play or any games at all. There is no games for inside recess we need board game like chess or checkers.

Our classroom doesn’t have any board games. In my class I can only draw or play on the computer.

In my class we have a thing is called Friday fun we always have to borrow from the P.E teacher. Not much classes has balls and toys. Some classes at our school do not have any P.E equipment like balls and bats.

Now kids just stand around and get in trouble and just talk during rainy day recess.

We need more balls and more game for the outside. Like a grass field for soccer and football.We need more balls because some of our balls are really flat. We need physical activity like running and kicking.

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Posted February 1, 2013 by Connor in category Student Posts

3 thoughts on “Kids need more games

  1. Rebecca

    I think your idea is great because there really are no games to do on rainy day recess. All the classrooms should have their own balls too instead of using P.E. equipment. I suggest to get more games/balls you should have your teacher send out e-mails to every one in your class and other teachers. She should ask if the adults can donate some games and or balls.(or you can ask for that in your persuasive). Besides that I wouldn’t change anything about your persuasive.

  2. kyle

    I think your topic is very good and I agree 100 percent that kids do need more toys and games on rainy days. But more balls may not be necessary. I like your idea with grass but it coasts money to water the fields. And I really think the Friday fun thing is a great idea to let the kids play outside when it is not even p.e time. I really like your piece. And I agree with you. But I think you could change some words that are not necessary. For example ” there is no games for inside recess.” Instead of “is” you could put “are”. And not much classes has balls and toys. Instead of “much” you could put “many”. And take out extra words like “and”.


  3. Caitlyn

    Yeah, I agree with you Connor! We should have more games because if it’s rainy day recess we can play the games. I think that people should donate some board games.



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