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Kids Should Not Have Cell Phones

Should kids have cell phones?

I think kids should not have cells because they can hurt  you. Most kids say they need a cell because if I get lost I need a way to talk to people, but really even if you get lost in the middle of nowhere you still you would have no coverage for a cell.

Cell Phones can cause cancer and cause learning problems.They can hurt the brain by sending singles and receiving calls. And they can hurt kids more because they are still growing.

They can also take away from family and friend time. and will make you anti social and you will start to ignore people. You might get addicted as well which will make it hard to stop. they can make you start to be mean to other people.

Kids should not have cell phones for many reasons. that is why i am typing this, so if you would tell your kids or kids tell your brain. I think you should not get a cell phone…until you are at least 11 years old.

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Posted February 1, 2013 by Minecraftman in category Student Posts

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5 thoughts on “Kids Should Not Have Cell Phones

  1. John

    You still you? I would take out one you. I did not know it could cause cancer that is bad. I like that you said you should get a cell phone when you are 11 but how about when you leave 5th grade.

  2. haleybugr88

    Ryan I totally agree with you you should tell Julissa that because she said kids should have cell phones. Great topic!!! I hope kids read about this and see that phones are bad for them.

  3. Emi

    I don’t think it can cause cancer but other than that I understand why people get addicted. They do because of apps. Some people can’t get apps on their phone.

  4. John

    Hi Ryan,

    This is Mackenzie’s dad. I enjoyed your post on cell phones. You made really good points. I especially agree with your commentary about kids becoming antisocial. It happens with adults too!

  5. Natash Ross

    Actually all phone, with or without signal can call the emergency services, also your piece has helped a lot with my argumentative essay, so thank you


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