February 1

Less or more homework?

I think that We should have less homework because sometimes people are very busy and can’t do some of the things we like and are parents have to wast some of their time. Plus we can’t bond with are family and it does not help us on test. we will be too tired to work the next day

We have no time to have fun with our family because if we are in our room alone all day and my mom does not come in because she just wants me to finish my homework.  Than me and my family cannot eat together and play fun games and we can’t watch our family shows me and my mommy can’t read together and I go play with my Dad. And me and my brothers can’t walk my dogs. When my sister comes home I’m always doing homework. If we had less homework then we could play and have fun with our family all day long and we could bond better our family too.

Some kids complain a lot because they might be in the middle of coloring then they have to stop and do homework. But if we have less homework than right when they get home they can do there homework and have the rest of the day to do what they want to do.   I love to go to my art class but I have so much homework that sometimes I can’t go and I have to stay home and do my homework. If we are always doing homework than we can’t find out what we love to do and want to do in the future. And we will not have we will get bad grades. And I will have no time to read and practice multiplication and if I can’t read then I can’t let my imagination

Most teachers think that if we have     If we have more homework it actually does not improve are test score because in elementary school it does not help on test say a homework scientist and when kids get tired their brain shuts down should not have more homework because it would just tire us out and we would be tired for the test.

This also effects money problems because parents have to sit down with you and they cannot work and you eat worse to because senses you parents are helping you with homework they can’t make a good dinner. And if we don’t have a good dinner than we won’t have enough brain food and our bodies won’t run and we will stay up late doing homework than we will be very tired for the next day.

When kids are done with their homework it is time eat dinner than take a shower and get in to their p.j s it is time for bed and they have no time to do everyday things. If we had less homework i would have so much more time.

So if we have less homework than we will have less stress and we will play outside more and be more active and we will have time to eat a healthy homemade Diner so we will be heather and we will be less stressed and we will go to bed earlier and we will go to bed earlier be ready to work very hard the next day.

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2 thoughts on “Less or more homework?

  1. joshua

    I totally agree with you, the topic is Awesome. But I would reread your Writing one more time. Because some of your sentences don’t make sense. And I would want to know who is “they” in the sentence “When they go home they can do their homework.” Who’s they? Also you sometimes repeated the same word twice, like in the sentence “Most teachers think that if we have if we have more homework”. I would look into your piece and correct some things. But other wise your writing was great i really enjoyed reading it. -Joshua


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