Smoking is harmful

I think smoking should be illegal because smoking can be very harmful to you and your body too. It can also be harmful to other people who are around you when you are smoking.Around 5 million people die from smoking each year, and around 3,000 people die from second hand smoking each year.

Lots of people really hate smoking. About 5 million people die each year from smoking. Smoking is very bad for the user and also others too. I think smoking should be illegal and I don’t even know why it isn’t yet.

Smoking is not only bad for the user but for others too. If you are smoking next to another person, it creates second hand smoking. About 3,000 people die from second hand smoke. Second hand smoke is just like the other person is smoking. They can have the very harmful things happen to them too.

Smoking is mostly bad for the user. It can be fatal and shut down the brain. Did you know about 430,000 people die from smoking tobacco each year? There are about 7,000 bad chemicals in a cigarette, and at least 70 of the chemicals cause cancer.

A cigarette is just a stick filled with thousands of chemicals that causes lots of bad things to you, your body, and others too. What do you think, should we have a “smoking only place” for those who want it? Should smoking be illegal?

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10 thoughts on “Smoking is harmful

  1. Great blog, I wish more people would think like you. Smokers may not realize not only are they harming themselves but also the people around them. I agree 100% with your blog!

  2. I think your cigarette essay was great and I totality agree with you. But I think you repeated the second hand smoking part, it also repeats the”About 5 million people die from smoking”. But it is true that millions of people die from smoking. It’s true are that there are
    more than 7000 chemicals in a cigarettes. I didn’t find any grammar errors. So besides the repeats It was great. I learned that cigarettes have over 7000 chemicals.

  3. I agree with you 100%. Smoking is harmful and bad. I was really surprised to find out that 5 million people die from smoking each year! There’s just 1 thing you could work on. You did a really good job but you said “around 5 million people die from smoking each year.” then later you said “Lots of people hate smoking. About 5 million people die each year from smoking”. I think you could have changed that up to “Like I said, about 5 million people die from smoking each year! That’s really bad! Other than that you did a great job. I wish others would think like you! I also wish my uncle could have read this before he died, from smoking!

  4. Dear Mia,
    It’s Haley, I am so glad that you wrote your essay on how smoking is bad for you! But you kept on repeating things a couple of times. Otherwise it’s great!!! I think I’ll show this to my step mom because she smokes and it could inspire her to stop.

  5. Wow! I know many people who smoke. I wish they could read your post! I’m going to be much more careful about second hand smoking now.

  6. Mia,
    i agree and i like the picture it really freaks me out.
    it is good to know what people are doing.

  7. Mia,
    I agree because my grandpa died from smoking and I think it is bad. A lot of my cousins smoke. That is a great that you wrote this and maybe my cousins will stop. Great job!

  8. Mia,
    I already know that smoking can be harmful to people. It is good because now other people could read your post and learn about why they shouldn’t smoke.

  9. Dear Mia,
    Good facts on the danger of smoking. I found the picture of the cigarette interesting because I didn’t know what was in cigarettes and how the different things could hurt you. I don’t think I will ever smoke.

  10. Dear Mia,
    Smoking should be illegal too because a lot of people do it and it can hurt them and people around them. If people that smoke read your writing then maybe they will stop smoking. I really like the picture you put so people can see what is in a cigarette.

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