February 1

We need more homework

We need more homework

We need a lot of homework so we don’t get too lazy. We can also get challenged at home and get smarter. More homework will help us learn so we are ready for tests.

More homework will get you closer to your family. When you need help your whole family will crowd around and help you with your work. Also you won’t get bored, and not become a lump ball (a person that is too lazy).

More homework will give you a good education and also a good career. It will get you ready for all the next grades and all the way to college!

More homework will really help you. So if you have more homework you will have a good life. The more homework you do, the more you learn to go forward in school. Also you will take one step closer to a better future!

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Posted February 1, 2013 by Shaun in category Student Posts

3 thoughts on “We need more homework

  1. Laurie Escalante

    From a parent’s perspective I agree! I think more homework should be given on stuff the student is stuggling on. I don’t think students should be overwhelmed with homework just enough to make sure they understand what is being taught by their teachers.

  2. kate

    I think that you were really good about stating a main idea. However, I think that certain kids do not need more homework. Some kids go to afterschool programs where they have little help. I also think that homework is good for kids but there is a good balance. If you have to much homework you get minumum sleep and little time to play. There is also a difference between being lazy and not wanting to do homework all of the time. For future reference though, try to use a thesaurus and change up words like ‘ more homework’. Instead you could say ‘homework is a great way to……..’ or ‘homework can really….’. Overall, I thoght that ‘We Need More Homework’ was a good piece.

  3. Emi

    Dear Shaun,
    I agree. I want a good future so that is why I always check with my dad. He tells me an easier way to do it but with extra work I would not need my dad. I would understand.


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