February 26

More homework

Some kids think we have too much homework already. I think my homework is too easy. I want it to be more challenging and interesting.  I also want to have fun with homework. I want more homework i want more fun with homework.I want kids to have a better future.

I think parents should make kids do more homework so they can realise they will have a better future because I think some kids don’t think homework is fun they think it’s boring so I think we should add more stuff to our homework.

I think my  homework is not fun or interesting at all.We should add science for experiments, writing for getting a better job when they are 20, and history. That’s what I think to make homework fun. I want to study  science and natural resources for homework. I want more homework and not get bored.

Do you know how much time kids are wasting. They may be wasting 5 hours on the computer and TV. If we have more homework they won’t have glasses and have a bad future. I think everyone should have more homework and get a better future and a better life.

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