What we’ve been up to Week 1

How can we make our blog better? That was our goal for week 1. We split into groups and focused on different tasks.

We noticed we have many visitors to our blog from different countries. We decided to add a translator widget. Connor’s group work on finding just the right translator widget. They added Google Translator to the sidebar on our blog. We hopeĀ  it will be very useful for our visitors.

Ryan’s group updated our About Us page. They wandered around school and took photos. Next, they created a slideshow in Animoto.

We noticed that making great comments is a challenge for most kids…even parents don’t always follow good commenting guidelines. We already have a video and so we wanted to add something else. Devon’s group decided to create a Glog with quick tips to help kids make great blog comments. (And we’ll post this as soon as they’ve finished the final touches.)

Finally, many of us visited different class blogs, read posts, and left comments. We’re in the process of making a list of our favorites and then we’ll add them to our blog roll this week.

It was a busy first week. We learned a lot about working together this week and what is necessary to do a good job.

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