March 15

10 People Questions

If I were to ask 5 famous people one question each, it would be what was your dream. The people I would ask are Taylor Swift, Gorge Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Carly  Rae Jepson, and Martin Luther King. What I would ask Taylor Swift is, What was your dream when you were a kid. I would ask Gorge Washington what were you trying to accomplish when you were president. I would ask Benjamin Franklin why were you trying so many new experiments?

If I were to ask 5 people dead or alive one question each I would choose, my great grandmother, Sacajawea, Abraham Lincoln, John Hancock, and Albert Einstein. First I would ask my great grandmother, “What was it like when you were a kid?” Then I would ask Sacajawea If there was popcorn in her time, Then I would ask Abraham Lincoln why he became president. Then I would ask John Hancock what did you do for fun when you were a kid? Finally,¬† I would ask Albert Einstein how did you become so smart?

Those are the questions we would ask.

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Posted March 15, 2013 by Devon in category Edublogs Challenge

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