Week 3 Updates

What have we been up to? This week we chose to write posts about our passions. Mrs. McKelvey wrote about her passion frogs! Boy does she ever love frogs. Pierce wrote about sailing because that’s something he really loves. We also┬áchecked out the Earth Hour website and joined as a class. We’ll be writing about our plans for Earth Hour this week. Caitlyn also posted about a upcoming special event at our school called Multicultural Fair. She’ll be sure to report on this week’s fair too since it’s this Friday. We are also visiting other class blogs and we’ve started adding them to our Blog Roll. Hopefully, we write a post about our favorite blogs this week too.

We posted some more work from week 1. Mackenzie and Nya wrote about cleaning up the beaches in San Diego. We have still have quite a few posts in the works too and will post them as they are finished.

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