March 19

Exploding Glove

Our class in B12 did a chemical reaction. It was awesome! I’m not going to tell you about it now. I’m going to show you the video first. Enjoy the video!

Now that you saw the video I’ll tell you how we did it. In the video the glove inflated because the vinegar and baking soda mixed and there was a chemical reaction. It brought CO2 or carbon dioxide.We thought the glove was going to explode as it grew bigger. There was a glove over the bottle and the gas was so strong it popped the glove!

How did we do it? First, we put 10 ml of baking soda in a rubber glove. After, we put 200 ml of vinegar in a empty water bottle. Next,we put a rubber band around where the cap is supposed to be, then tucked the opening of the glove under the rubber band. After we shook the water bottle and the glove started to get bigger as it filled with gas…and then it POPPED! Finally, the glove got all the C02 (carbon dioxide) out of the bottle.

We want to try this again with five times as much baking soda and vinegar and a large balloon. What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “Exploding Glove

  1. Charlotte / William

    Dear Mrs. McKelvey’s class,
    When we do experiments we wear safety goggles too.
    We like your idea of popping a glove with baking soda and vinager.
    What will your next experiments be?
    From the climb high blogers,
    William and Charlotte.


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