Bloggin’ Frogs Challenge Update

So, farewell then British Summer Time
Photo Credit: Tristan Martin via Compfight

We are busy trying to keep up with all the challenges. Many of us are working on posts–some from last week and some from the first few weeks. Even though we are bit late in posting, we are still working hard and promise to publish all of our posts very soon.

We are learning a lot about blogging and starting to bloom as frequent bloggers. Writing great comments is still a bit of a challenge for us.We love Miss W’s suggestion of adding Compfright to our blog. It is so much easier to find and add images…and give credit.

Finding time to visit everyone is also a challenge. We are a bit disappointed because we haven’t really connected with one or two classes in particular. So if anyone out there wants to be our regular blog buddy, please get in touch. We’d be happy to visit your blog every week and comment on your posts.

We’re off now for spring break now! To those who celebrate Easter, “Happy Easter!” What are you up to for your spring vacation?

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21 thoughts on “Bloggin’ Frogs Challenge Update

  1. Devon says:

    At first I just stayed at home for spring break but on Sunday I went to Carlsbad flower fields for the Girl scout he and me.

  2. Julissa says:

    Dear Mrs.McKelvey
    What I did for for spring break is I went to Mission Bay,my cousins party,and I celebrated Easter.

  3. Sir_Ryan says:

    For my spring break i went to palm springs and went to a hotel. the pool st the hotel are warm and full of mineral water. i had a great time.

  4. haleybugr88 says:

    Dear Mrs.Mckelvey,
    For my spring break I went to Knotts Berry Farm and Disney Land, my favorite ride at Knotts Berry Farm is the Silver Bullet, and my favorite ride at Disney Land is Space Mountain.


  5. Avalon says:

    Dear Mrs.mckelvey
    On Easter i woke up really early and woke up every one and went to my grandmas house and there were like 80 people and i almost won the Easter egg toss. The rest of spring break i had practice for a soft ball tourdament. I had a lot of fun

  6. Mia says:

    For Sping Break, I got to go to Fresno to visit my mom. I also got to go to Stemmers Lane in Santa Cruz, Califonia. It was lots of fun. Me and my Dad went surfing and we got to jump off a big rock. It was awesome. Although my dad almost broke his board when he got back up the rock.

  7. Nya says:

    For Spring Break I went to Palm Springs with my cousins. There was a pool in the back of the house. We played in it every day.

    Your student,

  8. Mackenzie says:

    I went to Lacinta in Palm Desert. I went to see my family. I spent the time at my grandmas desert house and swam in her pool every day. On Friday we went to the Dinosaur Convention and got to do a scavenger hunt to find the right dinosaurs to answer questins. I also got to go on rides and play mini golf. My cousins came that weekend and we made a dance show like on Dance moms. I had alot of fun in Palm Desert and I hope to go again soon!

  9. Emilie says:

    Dear Mrs.Mckelvey,
    I went to Lego land with my friend Jadyn and went on many rides, Sea world with my family and got wet, Inflatable World with Jadyn and stayed until it closed, had a sleepover with Jadyn again, went shopping for my mom, me, and my sister, and then slept for the rest of the nights in the couch bed and woke up early in the morning to watch TV. It was the best and really fun!

  10. Oliver says:

    Dear Mrs.Mckelvey,
    For Spring Break I went to L.A. and saw my cousins and my Great Grand Mother. Then my cousin Jenny came to us to play her soccer games. Before the day of the last game we had a party with the whole team!

  11. Caitlyn says:

    I went to Las Vegas in Nevada. It was like a 5 or 6 hour drive. We saw the Mojave Desert when we were driving by. We stayed at a hotel called Treasure Island.

  12. Nadav says:

    I went to Palm springs.I slept in a hotel. I even went to Target! We were usually near our hotel.In the hotel there’s a pool and even a breakfast buffet! Me and my family and grand parents went to palm springs for four days.The trip to Palm springs was so awesome!!

  13. John says:

    Dear Mrs. Mckelvey
    During spring break i went to Connors cousins house and we saw dog named Bossy and he was so cute. Then we went to boomers with Connor and got a giant pixe stick. and then i went bowling with Connor and i got a strike. On Satureday i went to a friends house to have a sleep over. When i got home i went to Orange countie to see my aunt and couisns.

  14. EmilyK says:

    Dear Mrs. Mckelvey
    We go to Las Vegas to visit Las Vegas. I went with my dad, and my older sister. We go to Grand Canyon to take picture. Grand Canyon was awesome!
    Emily K.

  15. Tomer says:

    Dear Mrs. Mckelvey,

    For spring break I watched 6 or 4 movies on my phone, worked on my house, and I had fun at a birthday party next to Macy’s and it was really fun. On Sunday I went to JCC and I went there to celebrate a sad day when 6,000,000 Jews died in the whole world and only a few Jews survived and it was very sad.

  16. Connor says:

    Dear Mrs. Mckelvey,
    I went to L,A to see my dad’s sister. I went to laser tag with my friends for my birthday after i went to L.A. I went to boomers for my birthday with my cousin so it was a family birthday I went in a gocart and played games.

  17. Callie says:

    Dear Mrs. McKelvey,
    For spring vacation I went to Disneyland. I slept over at the hotel for the whole week and came back on Sunday. I went to California Adventure for 5 days and Disneyland on Fri., Sat., Sun. both weekends. I got a princess makeover at the Bippti Boppiti Boo Boutique. I was Princess Diva. My favorite ride there was California Screemin. I screamed the whole time. It’s a huge rollercoaster that goes really, really fast. It was very fun!

  18. Christian says:

    Hi! I had a great Easter with my family! My mom hid Easter eggs in the living room and my brother, sister, nephew and I went to look for them. My brother found the most eggs. Some of the eggs were plastic and had dollars in them! Others had candy. I found $5. During vacation we also went to Los Angeles to see my cousin. We went outside and played soccer and baseball. Hope you had a nice break, too.

  19. sdjackson says:

    Dear Mrs. Mckelvey
    I went to Tucson to see my grandma and grandpa. I went on a hike down a canyon and my brother found a arrow head on the ground. Then i went to the animal museum. Then i went too the batting cages and went bowling.

  20. Climb High Grade 3 Bloggers says:

    Dear Mrs. McKelvey’s class,

    We enjoy reading the many things you do on your blog. We are also a wee bit behind in getting some posts up but we are working hard to do them in the next few days.
    We would enjoy being your regular class blog buddies. We plan to check your blog regularly and hope to make some blogging friends.
    We will be making some comments to some of your posts today. We look forward to hearing from you.
    Ms. Bulger’s blogging class

  21. Mrs. McKelvey says:

    Dear Climb High,
    We’d love to be your blogging buddies. Your blog happens to be one of our favorite blogs. We really like the post about Flying Bob. We like his tricks like walking on a tight rope.

    Thanks for visiting our blog and writing some great comments.

    We look forward to being your blog buddies.
    Bloggin’ Frogs

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