April 14

Too Many Toys

According to an article we read in Time for Kids, kids in the U.S.A. have too many toys and here is how I know.  The archaeologists of UCLA (stands for University of California, Los Angeles) found mountains of toys in most of the houses they looked at. Most of the toys are made in China.

So here are five ways to lower the amount of toys you have:

1. You can donate your toys to an orphanage.

2. Make a yard sale and sell all the toys that you never play with.

3. give some of your old toys to your cousins that are poor or give some to your friends.

4. Give them to Goodwill or Children’s Raid Hospital.

5. Give to a needy classroom. 

Do you have too many toys? What could you do with the toys you don’t play with?


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Posted April 14, 2013 by Nya in category Edublogs Challenge, Student Posts

5 thoughts on “Too Many Toys

  1. Taylor

    Dear Nya
    I have seen lots of people have so many toys.
    I have lots of toys too. I have given some of my extra toys to my next door neighbour. I still have lots around the house. I might be able to give some to charity.
    Do you have lots of toys?

  2. Josh

    Dear Nya
    I have lots of toys in my room, do you?
    What kind of toys do you have? I have mini floor hockey, lego,byonics,teck decks.
    I like skatebording, do you?
    I once had a yard sale, did you too?

  3. Erika M

    Dear Nya
    If I had to many toys I would sell them at a garage sale because my family is having one soon.I think I have too many toys too. Our garage sales are your yard sales.
    from Erika M Climbhigh blogger

  4. Karman and Owen

    Dear Mrs.McKelvey’s class.
    How many toys could be in that house? Do you think those kids never get to play with their toys because it’s so hard to find the certain toy they want to play with?
    We liked how all those toys were in a pile.
    Visit our blog at climbhigh.edublogs.org.
    Karman and Owen

  5. Ethan

    Dear Nya.
    I have 67 toys. It’s CRAZY. I’ve tried everything to get rid of some toys. So thanks for the advice.
    Ethan the Climb High Blogger


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