April 16

My Family

Seoul Gyeongbok Palace

Seoul Gyeongbok Palace, Korea

Photo Credit: Bridget Coila via Compfight

My family is from Korea. My family is mom, dad, and sister.

My mom is good at cook. She is also help my homework. My mom is in Korea. She is come to San Diego in summer vacation. I glad mom is come here quickly. My mom is also like shopping. My mom is pund manager in work place.

My dad is good at English, He is help my homework always. My dad is learning English in UCSD. My mom is not here, so my dad is cooking. I like my dad’s cook. My favorite food is kimchi butter rice.(It’s kimchi and butter mix rice. It’s my dad’s recipe.)

My sister is older then me. She is my older sister. She is good at drawing. She have silver prize in picture contest. My sister is like to play with me. My sister’s favorite subject is art. My sister is in Standley Middle School. She is 14.

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1 thoughts on “My Family

  1. Ryder's Mom

    Thanks for sharing, Emily. I bet your Dad is a good cook!! I bet Korea is a really neat place too!! Glad you are in Mrs. McKelvey’s class.

    Ryder’s Mom


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