5 thoughts on “Secrets In The Forest?

  1. Dear Mckenzie,
    That was a really good video! The part at the end was funny because all the things they said there might be, were true!
    Good job on the video!

    – Haley

  2. This is Mackenzie’s dad.

    Quite a story. You all have great imaginations!

  3. Hi Mackenzie, Nya, and Caitlyn,
    I loved your GoAnimate about the secret in the forest. I loved how you included lots of things at the end. It was really funny.

  4. Dear Mackenize, Catliyn, and Nya
    Me and Julissa really liked your Go Animate about what is hinden in the forest. We thought it was very funny that you just put a lot of random silly stuff like gold , coins, a pie eating contest, and a rainbow.
    from Julissa and Avalon

  5. Thank you all for the positive input! We are so glad everyone likes it and thinks it’s funny.

    – Caitlyn and Mackenzie

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