5 thoughts on “Secrets In The Forest?

  1. haleybugr88 says:

    Dear Mckenzie,
    That was a really good video! The part at the end was funny because all the things they said there might be, were true!
    Good job on the video!

    – Haley

  2. Devon says:

    Hi Mackenzie, Nya, and Caitlyn,
    I loved your GoAnimate about the secret in the forest. I loved how you included lots of things at the end. It was really funny.

  3. Avalon says:

    Dear Mackenize, Catliyn, and Nya
    Me and Julissa really liked your Go Animate about what is hinden in the forest. We thought it was very funny that you just put a lot of random silly stuff like gold , coins, a pie eating contest, and a rainbow.
    from Julissa and Avalon

  4. Mackenzie says:

    Thank you all for the positive input! We are so glad everyone likes it and thinks it’s funny.

    – Caitlyn and Mackenzie

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