April 18

Some Secrets of the Secret Forest!

What are some of the secrets of the Forest? It might be a secret underground cave that is filled with gold that can make you rich! There maybe an invisible force field that leads to the smurf village. There might be a teleporter that takes you back in time. There might be a secret kingdom in the sky and the only way to get up there, is to climb to the top of the highest tree in the forest. Maybe there’s a secret underground place were the king Tasmanian Devil lives.There might be a type of portal that makes monsters come into the forest. There might be a magic tree house in a tree. Maybe there might be a huge sea monster called Big Mama. Wait, that makes no sense.  There might be a key that can teleport you to a another world. There might be an entrance to the Gods that takes you to Mount Olympus. Or maybe it’s just…a rock…a really big one.

White Water

The mysterious forest.

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Kuyan Redman via Compfight


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Posted April 18, 2013 by Oliver in category Edublogs Challenge, Student Posts

2 thoughts on “Some Secrets of the Secret Forest!

  1. Charlotte & Ayden

    Dear Oliver
    we think that your ideas were awesome.
    But we were wondering what your favorite idea was?
    Our most favorite idea was the king tasmanian devil.
    From Charlotte & Ayden
    Climb High Bloggers.

  2. Owen.p

    Dear Oliver,
    Wow, you have lots of ideas, and when you said Portal to mount Olympus…I thought “have you watched Percy Jackson?”. Anyways, you have a bunch of ideas lots of people can’t think of. Do you know the movie Epic? Because it fits in with The Secret Forest.


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