April 19

San Diego Museum of Art

On Thursday, April 11,  Mrs. McKelvey’s class went on a field trip to the San Diego Museum of Art in Balboa park. We saw a lot of beautiful paintings and sculptures. They inspired us when we made our own art. We got to make our own “rip” art in the museum. We ripped small pieces of paper to make landscape collages.

One of the paintings was called the “Young Shepherdess.”The Young Shepherdess” was the most liked painting by the tour guide and the museum visitors. Another painting was called, “The Hands of Dr. Moore.” The “Hands of Dr. Moore” is a very disturbing picture. Our class did not like it that much.

The museum was very interesting and fun. We saw lots of different paintings, pictures, and sculptures. We hope we will get to go again.

Make your own slide show at Animoto.

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5 thoughts on “San Diego Museum of Art

  1. Caitlin

    Mia, I enjoyed reading your post about your visit to the art museum. I liked how you mentioned one piece you liked and one that you didn’t. Nice Job!

  2. Devon

    Really great slideshow and I loved the post about our field trip to the museum!
    I like how you linked to the pictures on other websites and how you showed some rip art made by our class in the slideshow.

  3. Charlotte

    Dear Mrs. McKelvey’s class.
    Wow, that museum looks so cool!
    My favourite painting is the ”The Young Shepherdess” too.
    Do you know who painted it?
    We have an art gallery in our town.
    It has beautiful paintings but none of them are by famous artists.
    From Charlotte
    Climb High blogger

  4. Laurie Escalante

    Great blog on your trip to the SD Museum of Art! It’s nice to hear that you were inspired by all the different paintings and sculptures. I’ve lived in San Diego all my life and I’ve never been to the museum, after reading your blog I think I just may have to go there and check it out for myself.

  5. Avalon

    Dear Mia
    we really like how you put so much thought in to the video and the post. Great job we loved the song and the pictures. We loved it.


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