Sprouting seeds

What do seeds need to grow? Water? Soil? Light? Heat? This week we started an investigation in science that asks,  “Will seeds grow if we just give them water?”

We set up our mini-sprouters wSeeds in a small tub.ith four kinds of seeds–beans, peas, sunflowers, and corn. We soaked the seeds for a little while (maybe 5-10 minutes) and then drained them. We added a tiny amount of bleach to the water (5 mL to about one quart). The bleach will stop the seeds from getting moldy. We set them on a bookshelf. We also decided to put one in a dark cupboard but we still added water to the mini-sprouter. Will these seeds grow too?

We are now waiting and watching to see what happens. Do you think the seeds will grow?

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One thought on “Sprouting seeds

  1. Ms. Bulger says:

    No seeds dont’ grow with only water they also need the other sources you mentiond. Our plants we are groing are about a inch and a half tall. It is pretty fun to garden and we each take terns watering. How tall are your plants? Visit us to find the new post about growing.

    by: William the climb high blogger.

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