5 thoughts on “What is Go Animate?

  1. Hello Mackenzie,
    I like your GoAnimate. I love how you included lots of things to give information. It was really funny too.
    Violet – a Climb High blogger

  2. Hello Violet!
    Well I think you made a mistake when you were commenting because my name is NOT Mackenzie but it is Mia.
    From your Bloggin Buddy, Mia

  3. I learn’t a lot of stuff for Go Animate. That was a cool video. Can you make whatever characters you want?

  4. Dear Mia,
    Julissa and me loved this post!We thought that it was really funny and we notest that you guys picked the most randam names you could think of.By the way WE LOVED IT ALOT
    From, Your friends Julissa and Avalon

  5. Dear Mia,
    That was a really good video! I thought it was really funny.

    your class mate Haley

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